Perfect oatmeal is different for everyone. For every serving you purchase, The Soulfull Project will provide a serving of our hot cereal to a regional food bank in your area. Here’s a quick and easy stovetop recipe for oatmeal anytime. [2] This will bring out the nutty flavor of the teff.

In this article, the experts at The Soulfull Project give you tips for the perfect oatmeal every time and reveal some interesting options to make your oatmeal taste delicious.
Website design and development powered by the, Oatmeal has been a staple in my diet for a long time.

In fact, there’s nothing we do better than oatmeal, except sharing it. If you do not use all of your teff hot cereal, store in an airtight container. The same goes for other common grains, such as rye and barley. Adding cinnamon and sugar to any of your hot cereal options can make a sweet, delicious breakfast.

Hot cereal add-ons By Lisa Yockelson Think of this chart as a working plan for mixing and matching ingredients in a saucepan of hot cereal or for topping a steamy bowl. When you cook your oatmeal in the microwave, the liquid tends to boil up and spill out of the container.

Toast teff, stirring from time to time, for 2 or 3 minutes. For grains such as quinoa and chia, we recommend soaking them overnight to unlock their full potential. What’s the difference between oatmeal and hot cereal? Published Jan. 3, 2012. Dried fruit (Dates, Figs, Apples work well), 1 TBSP Honey, Agave, Nutella, or Nut Butter, A handful of nuts (Walnuts, Pecans, or Cashews, or Slivered Almonds work well). OPTIONS: Add seasonal fruit or dried fruit or nuts when serving) Instructions: 1.

What Is Oatmeal? Thankfully, it’s super easy to tweak the recipe and instructions to your unique tastes. We’re right there with you! To create a hot cereal, add milk to granola cereal and then heat the meal in a microwave. You can grind the flaxseed into a fine powder or leave it more course if desired.

Once you’ve decided on the servings you want to cook, follow these simple directions: If you’ve got time to sit and eat, transfer the oatmeal to a bowl or mug, add a few extras for flavor, and dig in.

Plus, we’ll discuss how you can add more ingredients to make a single serving go a long way! Add the Teff to a pot and bring to medium heat. You can multitask or relax while it is cooking! Show you care about the health and happiness of your neighbors and provide a delicious and healthy breakfast in the process. Teff is a great grain to use in place of morning oatmeal! Hot cereal, on the other hand, is several grains — such as rice, wheat, barley, corn, buckwheat, and others — mixed together into one delicious porridge.

Alternately, if you’re stretched for time or need to run, consider pouring your oatmeal and extras into a travel mug or mason jar (with a lid) for an on-the-go treat that can’t be beat!

Stir occasionally. There are many different ways to make your oatmeal mouth-wateringly delicious. Stir and check heat. Once I needed to eat a Gluten Free diet I started to explore other grains to add variety to my diet (MANY Gluten Free recipes call for oats or oat flour). Keep in mind that oatmeal expands as it cooks, so you may only need one or two servings for an extremely filling meal. every time. Your best bet is to prepare your extra grains ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator so you can add them to your oatmeal in a hurry. Here are some tips on how to make oatmeal perfect (for you!)

You can even put the lid back on when it’s done cooking and take it with you on your commute!

Oatmeal has been a staple in my diet for a long time. Add chia seeds to your yogurt (oatmeal, cereal, etc. Add along with the other grains and meals, Dry sweetening agents: brown sugar (light or dark), muscovado sugar (light or dark), evaporated cane juice sugar, Liquid sweetening agents: maple syrup or agave nectar, Raw or roasted cashews, raw walnuts, raw almonds, raw pistachios, Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. Health Benefits, Prepping Tips, And More.
When considering how to cook oatmeal in the microwave, use the same serving ratios as described in the stovetop recipe. 2. This will bring out the nutty flavor of the teff. You’ll need to cook these grains before adding them to your oatmeal, and each one has its own unique set of instructions.

After that, it just needs an occasional stir. Like oatmeal for breakfast, Teff Morning Hot Cereal lends itself to many options; it can be customized to fit your preferences and your cravings!

In addition to the tips listed above, one of the best ways to make your oatmeal taste good is to mix up your own hot cereal. All of our delicious hot cereal varieties — Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Almond, Brown Sugar Pecan, Cinnamon Spice, 4 Grain Blend, Hearty Grains & Seeds, and Tart Cherry — include other nutritious grains, such as: Best of all, we’ve done the prepping work for you. This recipe needs monitoring for the first few minutes as the teff is being toasted. We’ll tell you how you can prepare a delicious and nutritious hot cereal breakfast — in a handy on-the-go cup, no less — in five minutes or less. Although hot cereal may not be an at-home option, you can add hot water to a packet of instant hot cereal or save the savoring for when you get home.

Cereal makes a … Like oatmeal for breakfast, Teff Morning Hot Cereal lends itself to many options; it can be customized to fit your preferences and your cravings! Health Benefits, Prepping Tips, And More, How To Make Oatmeal Taste Good: 10 Easy Tips, Measure the appropriate amount of water or milk into your pot, Cook mixture for about 5 minutes (or until it reaches desired thickness), Measure the appropriate amount of water or milk into your microwave-safe bowl, Add in the appropriate amount of oats and salt (optional), Eat your oatmeal from a mug instead of a bowl, Modify your liquid ratio for thinner or thicker oatmeal, Know which type of oats you’re using (some take longer to cook than others).


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