Listen to it if you need a good cry. Never spam a blog post with only, “Check us out! Like going to mix and master your music after awhile you get burned out and you dont know what your hearing. So the hard work is worth it, I think. In fact, in one 2014 study published in PLOS ONE, participants expressed feelings of relief after going on a sad-song bender, noting that the tunes made for a great emotional outlet. I think in this case it's important to distinguish between finding your 'sound alike' band/artist as opposed to finding your 'sound exactly like' band/artist. Lucky for us, belting this song out at the top of your lungs can mend a broken heart. Throw that sentiment over a simple chord progression that builds beautifully with horns, an organ, backing vocals and a heart-melting performance by James, and you've reached timeless soul perfection. I feel the same way, I'm gonna go check out your site. Id you tell them that your favorite more to write in is Lyddian ... they're not going to get it. If you need an instant mood boost, "Happy Face" has you covered. The evolution of your sound is based upon the collective influences of the members of the band. Shawn Mendes falls in the second category, coming onto the pop scene in 2015 with this heartbreaker of a hit. Your posts will get ignored. We've all been there, Sam. Let me know who you think we sound like. “Footsteps on the dance floor / Remind me, baby of you / Teardrops in my eyes / Next time, I’ll be true.” This silky cut comes from Cecil (brother of Bobby) Womack and his wife, Linda—a formidable musical partnership throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Paying homage to the trail-blazers? These groups tended to take a similar approach of music having fairly sophisticated arrangements that included horns,strings and percussion, and layered close vocal harmonies. My opinion is you should be proud to list your influences! You'll be shocked to find that these bands busted after only one hit record. Or was I miserable because I listened to music?” So goes the opening of Nick Hornby’s, —and, decades since the novel hit shelves, we’re still wrestling with those questions. "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" may be the most iconic of all of Clarkson's hits, a song that is sure to put the pep back in anyone's step after a failed relationship. Nashville-bred rock band Kings of Leon have perfected the art of writing a love song, and "Use Somebody" is a quintessential example. This may or may not be appropriate depending on your music style and the venue. Motorhead has been releasing almost the same album since like, 1976. Chris Martin's haunting vocals alone will bring you to tears, and the tune's beautiful lyrics only add fuel to the fire. You can also find acts in other towns that use your "sound alike" band to describe themselves. "Funny how the heart can be deceiving," Pink sings in this 2012 smash, hitting the nail on the head for just how easy it can be to get hurt when you open up to someone. reminds us in this hit from 2014. The song is thought to have been written about Mitchell's decision to end her relationship with Graham Nash—who in turn released his astonishingly tender Songs for Beginners album. The tune feels weary, lived-in and intimate, with our narrator leaving behind simmering resentment for quiet resignation. Trust us, you won't regret it. Don't let the title fool you: "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles is anything but. Just try not to dance when that sticky-sweet bassline and tamborine kick in—even while the pleading, heartbreaking lyrics remind you of you-know-who. Wouter De Backer, a.k.a. What's not to love? Something about the clap-along rhythm of .fun’s recent song reminded us of the S&G classic. Looks aren't everything, G.R.L. Do love me some good ole Motorhead. This song has been covered dozens of times (by everyone from Bon Iver to George Michael), but Bonnie did it first, and arguably does it best. Is there any song that combines female empowerment and discofied schmaltz with the same efficacy as Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”?


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