Over time, painted steel will rust and peel. As lower temperatures, the grease combines with ash to form a sludge that sits inside the grill.

After months of hype, marketing, and general excitement, the most anticipated pellet grill (and possibly just grill) was finally available. Grill internal temp would be about 240-250°. If this happens, you have no choice but to put the grill into shutdown mode and wait 15 minutes for it to shut down before you try to startup again. It would have been better for those who have had problems with their Weber pellet grills for these problems to have been solved earlier. After months of hype, marketing, and general excitement, the most anticipated pellet grill (and possibly just grill… When the grill finally started shipping in February 2020, excitement turned to confusion and disappointment as initial reviews started to come in. Create a Weber-ID My account Profile My Grills My Addresses Go to Search Results. In order to grill a juicy burger or perfectly seared steak, you need a grill that quickly reaches 600°. auger. I can understand if some people might find the design a little “tame” though, and the tiny coster wheels and lack of storage space or side tables is disappointing for a grill at this price point. This occurred multiple times, especially when grilling at higher temps. Learn more. Pit Boss pellet grills use a sliding plate to allow searing over an open flame, but the flame area gives you limited space for searing. One small positive: it does have two knobs to hang grilling utensils. But it’s not quite there yet. This can lead to grease fires that can potentially damage the grill and likely the food you are cooking. To me, this is one of its shining features. How often do grills get moved? But I could see that happening on any grill at that point. This doesn’t prevent grease fires, but it is an attempt to manage them better. The consumer comes first. It says to close the lid as soon as you start to see smoke. The paint job looks good and it definitely looks like a Weber and not a Traeger rip-off like a lot of other pellet grills. Within a couple of days, there was more content than one person could digest.
The SmokeFire has a few nifty looking innovations that look to help solve these problems.

I called Weber support. Design and appearance were obviously heavy considerations in how this grill looks and therefore how it works. The Smoke Fire goes on sale February 10, 2020.

But there is a bit of a catch. Making sure that the part line up perfectly reduces the problem, but it doesn’t completely eliminate it.
It puts out a thin amount of constant smoke and produces fantastic results. As far as grill storage goes, you can go ahead and forget about that. Never miss a deal. All rights reserved. It’s been over six months since I first published my experience using the SmokeFire. As quickly as they could, YouTubers and so-called influencers picked up their grills and began releasing unboxing and assembly videos. Explore different features, specs, and accessories for your next backyard cookout! This allows them to use a shorter, inclined auger which is aimed at reducing pellet jams. You may not want a grease bucket hanging on the side of your grill.

The Weber Connect app is a first of its kind, step-by-step grilling assistant that notifies you on everything from when it’s time to flip & serve to a food readiness countdown. The Weber SmokeFire is an open flame pellet grill with metal deflectors to channel heat and grease while allowing the grill to reach 600 degrees F give foods a kiss of flame while they cook at high temperatures. We’ll have to wait and see how well this system works in the real world. So I put that into perspective as well.

When Weber announced they were launching their first pellet grill the news took the barbecue world by storm. A big grill trying to reach high temps for cooking is going to take a lot of pellets.

Off the bat, this was a problem. Fire them up if you plan on grilling for extended periods of time. If you are an early adopter and don’t mind going through some teething pains, the SmokeFire has the potential to be a great grill. Many people have had nothing but great experiences with their Weber pellet grill, and that is great. I’m not saying it is impossible, but I’m not super concerned about it while smoking at lower temperatures. The App appears to be much improved. Never miss a deal.

Reaches a sizzling 600° for the perfect sear. Thanks for subscribing!


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