As you progress, it can be helpful to experiment with different gauge tennis strings, especially within the same type of string, as performance will vary. Another factor to keep in mind is that strings like RPM Blast can be hard on a player’s arm, especially as they lose their tension and go dead, so if they’re not replaced frequently, that can become a concern for younger kids.
What gauge tennis strings are you using, and why?

Of course, knowing string gauge isn’t all that helpful if you’re not clear on how the thickness of a string impacts performance. If you want to play with a thinner gauge, but budget is a concern, you may want to consider using string savers to get the benefit of a higher gauge without breaking the bank. Another option would be to consider a more durable multifilament – here are a few options: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, Tecnifibre NRG2, or Babolat Addiction.
Click on the maker and model below for a printable list of the correct gauges of strings for your harp. I am currently using a pair of Wilson Prostaff 100LS raqcuets with a 16×15 pattern. If your harp is not listed, please contact your harpmaker to order the correct strings. I cover all these points in our resource on string tension, so be sure to check that out. However, I would recommend a slightly lower tension, and more importantly, a softer multifilament tennis string if you’re not already using one. Every harp takes different strings. Unfortunately due to heavier frame i cant use it now for a timely backhand. Here’s a link to my guide on string tension, which I reference in the video. You’ll find a wide selection of strings at this thickness. Gauge is a measure of a string’s thickness or diameter, which according to industry standards, falls between 0.60 and 1.80 millimeters. Over time you’ll notice that your strings cut into each other and begin to notch, so naturally, the thicker they are, the longer they’ll last. Retains the feeling of normal tension, even with the lowered tuning. Starings aren’t permanent, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try something new. With fabulous punch and topspin. The gauge the pros use can be a useful point of reference, but don’t let it ultimately drive your decision making.

First, between the two tennis racquets, I’d stick with your Wilson ProStaff 100LS, which features a lower stiffness rating of 63 (compared to 74 for the 5.0), and it’s lighter. There aren’t rules for hybrid stringing, where a player uses one type of string for the mains and another for the crosses. The following chart outlines the types of string gauge or measurements currently available. To help explain tennis string gauge, I’ve put together the following video, which pairs nicely with what I’ve shared in this article. If you’re using 17 gauge, you can move up to 16, or you can even go up to 15 with NXT DuraMax. Helpful tip: It’s important to note that the above measurements are guidelines, which most manufacturers follow.

If you use identical string gauges o… Higher tensions result in a stiffer stringbed, which decreases the launch angle of the ball resulting in less perceived power and more control. Follow Friday: Municipal Waste, Destiny Petrel, Hawthorne Heights and More. Usually, I’d encourage parents to wait until their child has been hitting with a full-size 27-inch racquet for a while before introducing a string like RPM Blast, but there certainly are unique cases out there. For example, Prince Synthetic Gut is a popular and inexpensive string that you can easily find in 17, 16, and 15L. A “medium” set of electric guitar strings for example might be just identified as an “0.11 set”. However, just because you have thin strings doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to generate massive spin. feels fantastic. For example, budget is not a concern when it comes to the top players, so what works for them might not make sense for you. That is, some strings are stiffer at thinner gauges, while others at lower gauges.

String gauge refers to the thickness or diameter of the string – the smaller the number, the thinner the string. Great question. Every player’s needs and preferences are different. Hi! Creating a custom set of single strings allows you to retain tension on the higher strings, while allowing enough twang on the lower strings. In your case, you’re finding your shots are sailing slightly long. If that works, you’re golden. Can also use the same approach with the Regularly Slinky Bass 5 set. Thanks for sharing. Provides for solid attack, without the “flop.”. Rees Harps: Aberdeen Meadows, Glen Aulin. Because of this, combined with the fact that a thinner gauge will inherently feel different makes this question tricky to answer without taking measurements for this string at varying tensions. When you’re just getting started, you’ll unlikely be able to notice the subtle differences between a higher or lower gauge string. For context, here’s a selection of five popular strings and available gauges that you can purchase. Thinner strings bury themselves deeper into the ball, and as a result, “grab” the ball, which results in more spin. If you’re new to tennis and looking for a recommendation on a string gauge, I’d encourage you to start with 16. Good luck and I hope your tennis elbow gets better. Hopefully, this guide helps point you in the right direction, but don’t get too bogged down in the details. International gauges are the opposite. Please recommend 5-6 Grades and their brands which I can find in India. All else equal, thicker strings are more durable, and it’s a great rule of thumb to use when evaluating strings. Breaking strings too frequently (I’m sure the cost is adding up), Suffering from some discomfort in your arm. Required fields are marked *. Healthy tension, but not overkill. I am hard hitter with heavy topspin. String sets are sometimes identified by the gauge of the high E string—the smallest-gauge string. It should help prevent a bit of discomfort you’re experiencing. If your harp was not made by a harpmaker listed above, please do NOT assume that because your harp has the same number of strings as one of these harps, the string gauges are the same. I just started playing with 17 gauge after many years of automatically using 16. However, there still is some variation that exists. 5 Point Friday Read our weekly recap of the 5 most interesting things we dig up in tennis. This said, I also noticed that ground strokes tended to go a little long, like an inch or so. There’s some overlap between gauge measurements, so there are cases where manufacturers can pick the gauge for marketing their strings. Slightly on the heavier side, while retaining a bit of looseness and slinkiness on the Gibson Scale. Based on what we know about tension, you’d want to bump it up 2-3 pounds to prevent hitting long. In this guide, I’ll explain what string gauge means and how it’s measured, review the variety of sizes available, and help you identify what string gauge to use along with a handful of our favorite picks. Great question. With this in mind, you can keep in mind a variety of factors when evaluating strings and determining which is best for you.

I play 6 days a week. One option is to bump up the gauge of your multifilament NXT power. Polys have a unique attribute where they quickly snap back into place as you strike the ball. A few to check out include Head Sonic Pro Edge, Tourna Big Hitter Black 7, and Dunlop Black Widow. Generally, natural gut tennis strings will stay “freshest” the longest. It’s that simple! Since tennis string gauge is the thickness of a string, we can measure its diameter to come up with its size. As a result, my recommendation is to think about tensions effect independent of gauge when they make a change. To get the full rundown, check out my guide on string tension.

I know my technique has something to do with this, but… I know there is a rule / guideline about stringing poly 10% lower than say multifilament. Dusty Strings Harps: Ravenna 26, Allegro, FH26, FH32 (discontinued model), Crescendo 32 (discontinued model), Ravenna 34, Crescendo 34, FH34, FH36B, FH36H, FH36S, FH36A (discontinued model), Harpsicle Harp Company: Harpsicle, Sharpsicle, Flatsicle, Fullsicle, Special Edition Fullsicle, Grand Harpsicle, Caswell Harps: Lap-Gaelic 27, Lap-Gaelic 29 (C string on top, down to a C string), Lap-Gaelic 29 (G string on top, down to a G string), Gaelic 30, Gaelic 31, Gaelic 33, Markwood Harps: Minstrel 25, Queen's Court 29, King's Court 33, King's Court 5 (King's Court V), Thormahlen Harps: 36-String Summit Harp, 36-String Nylon-Strung Harp, 36-String Lever Gut (Folk Gut) Strung Harp , 36-String Pedal Gut-Strung Harp, Triplett Harps: Christina Therapy Harp, R-30 or N-30, Axline or Nino 30, Avalon 22, Celtic, Celtic II, Catalina, Catalina Deluxe, Nova or Nino 34, Premiere or Eclipse, Signature 32, Signature 36, Zephyr 21, Zephyr 22, Wm. While there are strings for sale outside this range, most players fall within this range when stringing their racquets across many different string types. For example, if you’ve switched gauges and you find your clipping the net often, you might want to decrease your tension a few pounds. When it comes to gauge and stringbed stiffness, which impacts comfort, studies have been inconclusive. i do notice the diff from demo. For example, a 16 gauge string refers to any string that falls between 1.26 and 1.34 mm thick. Electric guitar strings — like acoustic guitar or electric bass strings — are manufactured in a range of thicknesses or gauges. I am 33, kindly recommend me the best. Therefore, as a courtesy to our customers, we are providing printable string charts for many popular harps. However, instead of focusing on tension as it relates to gauge, my recommendation would be to consider the effect of changing tension independent of gauge. Harp makers use many types and gauges of strings. Harp makers use many types and gauges of strings. A common question that comes up when talking about string gauge is what tension works best for a specific gauge string or how tension should be modified when moving up or down a gauge for the same string. However, due to their price and lack of durability, they’re not always the greatest option for players. Scale length can be a factor when selecting gauges.

Electric Guitar String Set Gauges. Optimal for detuning.


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