Ans: c, 34. (d) elliptical (d) 1 : 2.5 (a) area at the time of fracture Ans: c, 8. (b) fatigue stresses Topic 3. A semi-circular disc rests on a horizontal surface with its top flat surface horizontal and circular portion touching down. (c) r/% (d) ultimate tensile stress Stress and Strain (Answers)..... 123 All copyright and publishing rights are owned by S-cool.

The stress induced in a body, when subjected to two equal and opposite forces, which are acting tangentially across the resisting section as a result of which the body tends to shear off across the section is known as shear stress and corresponding strain is known as shear strain. (c) Wcos(a + )

(c) elasticity Ans: a, 106. (a) maximum calculated value (e) none of the above. Ans: e, 38. (c) It gives, a more accurate picture of the ductility (a) plasticity (d) watt hours (d) four times Which is the false statement about true stress-strain method Find the extension caused in the wire, by attaching a weight of 100N, if the material of the wire has the Young's modulus (E) of 200x1011Nm-2. (e) equal to that necessary to stop it. (d) metal is twice as dense as unknown fluid (b) 50 Where f= stress. (e) none of the above. (a) malleability (d) unpredictable Which of the following is the example of lever of first order Its horizontal range will be maximum when 9 is (a) 50% Using the following information on stress and strain, plot a graph in Excel to determine the Young’s modulus for an unknown material. Ans: b, 15. (b) r/A (a) h/2 (a) Young’s modulus Ans: c, 24. (a) not deform Percentage reduction of area in performing tensile test on cast iron may be of the order of Ans: c, 4. (b) cannot balance each other (a) r/2 (c) plasticity (a) same (e) none of the above.

(d) zig-zag riveted joint ֞"a��oP\�4HR��'ˌ�� ��S��,| ��`���(k/�{�R8)(@���I� S���?���,�v���^�˝�/Y�/��++�C_@�Bn��K�`^2A�K���A� c) i) State the SI unit of the Young's modulus. Strength of Materials also called Mechanics of materials is a subject which deals with the behaviour of solid objects subject to stresses and strains. Really helpful.. kindly send pdf files of all topics in Mechanical Engineering.

A riveted joint in which every rivet of a row is opposite to other rivet of the outer row, is known as

%��������� Ans: d, 122.

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Ans: b, 126. (c) 0% (d) all types of joints (a) at distance — from the plane base 3r Longitudinal stress in a thin cylinder is (a) butt joint

Ans: c, 149. Free download in PDF Stress and Strain Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for competitive exams. Answer : Stress: The force of resistance per unit area, offered by a body against deformation is known as stress. The vinyl plastic floor covering has a compressive yield stress of 3.5 MPa.

The elasticity of various materials is controlled by its (c) same (d) manufactured section The changes required in key will be stream (a) frequent heat treatment Ans: a, 113. If a part is constrained to move and heated, it will develop (e) fatigue strength. (e) impact energy. (e) (a) and (b) above. Are you person with material engineering then logon to Wisdom jobs online site. In an ideal exam answer, more detailed descriptions, explanations and arguments are required. (a) same How much energy is stored in a 1m length of the wire when the strain is 1.0 x 10-3? very useful, kindly send the pdf of all topics in mechanical engineering mcq. (d) hardness (b) Poisson’s ratio and modulus of elasticity Ans: a, 22. A strain of 1x10-3 for a 1m long wire means an extension of 0.001m. (c) less Ans: e, 11. (b) mechanical advantage is equal to velocity ratio (b) less (d) paractical materials Ans: a, 83. (d) minimum area after fracture (e) remain unaffected. (a) 2.1xl05 kg/cm2 Define Modulus Of Elasticity? A sample of metal weighs 219 gms in air, 180 gms in water, 120 gms in an unknown fluid. In a prismatic member made of two materials so joined that they deform equally under axial stress, the unit stresses in two materials are Question 15. (d) cast iron (e) maximum power it can transmit at highest possible-speed. (c) from maximum at the center to mini-mum at the cricumference

(a) fluids in motion (e) kg cm2. (d) kg/cm2 (c) elastic limit up to which it resists torsion, shear and bending stresses The stress at which extension of the material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in load is called (d) 0.1 xlO6 kg/cm2 (

(e) dynamic friction. (a) pitch Ltd. is one of the best job search sites in India. When the disc is about to start moving, its top horizontal force will (d) lateral stress and lateral strain Ans: a, 90. For this i request you to kindly send me the pdf file of the same. (a) Wtan(a + <)>)

A single force and a couple acting in the same plane upon a rigid body (a) nature of surfaces (d) slenderness ratio, area of cross-section and modulus of elasticity A beam is loaded as cantilever. (b) maximum at center (c) wattr (c) at the support The relationship between modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity and Poisson’s ratio is given by. Answers to Review Questions on Materials. Ans: e, 35. x��][���~��b��?�Y8�����I���%5/�ݤ��]��4SM���b��G�k�G��O��e��;����}�����=vl��x~tx����q��/��}�?7���'��BvRv7�����ܼ�x������� ��i-x�1 KJ��HV���ۈΜ���^����o������^���߻_�����˟_�~J��)ɽ���]t�.�qΑ�q/����n~xuӽ���E�!���x �{�wg,����n"�ͽQV��us�1�����nb �g�,!HF���c��ZỈ@,���>߶�ZمU���` Ans: d, 95. (a) in the middle (a) support is frictionless (b) double Topic 6. load it can resist without failure) to the strength of the unpunched plate in Question 11. This is the case of suddenly applied load. (e) negligible. (b) 25% about horizontal axis is (e) 60%. Ans: b, 26. Ans: d, 5. b) The feet of the freezer have a total cross-sectional area of 8.0 x 10-4 m2. (a) size of rivet (d) double all the dimensions (b) tensile stress (e) impact energy. (c) 0.25 to 0.33 (e) plasticity. (e) none of the above. The force acting along the circumference will cause stress in the walls in a direction normal to the longitudinal axis of cylinder; this stress is called Cross-sectional area = A= πr2 = 50.24 cm2 Initial Length (cm) Final Length (cm) Change in Length – ΔL (cm) Strain (ΔL/L 0) Mass (g) Force (N) Stress (N/cm2) TAP Young's Modulus.

Ans: d, 45.

On further releasing the chain, the platform goes on loading till it is fully loaded by the body. (a) more It equal and opposite forces applied to a body tend to elongate it, the stress so produced is called (e) increase rapidly first and then uniformly. (d) linear stress (e) visco-elastic. Ans: b, 12. (b) breaking point Topic 8. (c) the friction force acting when the body is just about to move The buckling load for a given material depends on The number of revolutions made is nearly equal to Ans: c, 57., Your email address will not be published. (b) bulk modulus Ans: b, 108. ANSWERS TO REVIEW QUESTIONS IMPORTANT NOTE In many cases the notes below are merely indications of the main points of a suitable answer.

In question 56, the internal reaction in bottom 80 cm length will be (b) the second row (a) 0.1 to 0.2 (c) four times (d) toughness (a) It does not exist (a) kinematic viscosity (a) from maximum at the center to zero at the circumference (e) unpredictable. (b) fracture stress (e) 3 to 4. (a) 0.01 to 0.1 (e) Poisson’s ratio and slenderness ratio. The extensions noted with increasing loads will behave as under (d) the friction force acting when the body is in motion (a) kinetic friction

(a) strain (b) bulk modulus TAP- Stress and Strain. Question 16.

(c) slenderness ratio and modulus of elasticity The distance between the centres of the rivets in adjacent rows of zig-zag riveted joint is known as Which of the following is not the unit of energy

(e) longitudinal stress and lateral strain. (c) at least two of them must meet (c) first increase and then decrease plastic does not regain its original length/size when the load is removed Page- 1. (c) resilient Ans: 60. (e) drawabihty. (c) shape of the surfaces (e) Poisson’s ratio. (d)3/-2 (c) breaking Quiz - Materials. The impact strength of a material is an index of its (d) steel and extends by 0.2 mm. (b) original cross-sectional area Ans: c, 84. (a) 0° (e) tensile strain remains constant. (d) at distance — from the plane base or (b) copper


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