I add a little blue and white to cool it down and to lighten the mixture. Finally the highlight is a simply the cool reflected light with a lot of white and a touch of yellow (C). Skin color is essentially a combination of all 3 primaries: red, yellow and blue. Looking at the mother, there are rich gradations of grey violet at the face and greenish-grey at the upper arm (B). In this case I used the rim light as an opportunity to add more color and variation. These 5 tips are simple strategies I’ve learned and developed over the last few years observing and studying color; and also from hundreds of hours painting figures and portraits. This is especially true if the lights are warm. This area is the most important part of the painting because it shows the relationship with light and shadow. In this painting, the model is mostly a dark brown (A). In this step I first added rich darks (A). After a few years of painting, learning to add blue and green is the one thing that has made the most impact on the quality of my skin color. The diagram on the left shows the the gradations of color happening in the painting. The Real Skin Tones Color Scheme palette has 5 colors which are Russet (#8D5524), Peru (#C68642), Fawn (#E0AC69), Mellow Apricot (#F1C27D) and Navajo White (#FFDBAC). Note how the brown shifts and transitions from darker versions, to saturated to grey. Since the tips compliment each other so well, their order not that important. The blue pops really well agains the warmth of the face (A). Again, the secret is the shifting or transitioning from one color to another. This desaturated mixture can then be lightened or darkened to make an infinite range of colors that can be used to paint human skin. When red and yellow are mixed, the result is a saturated orange. Skin can also become saturated because of sun exposure. The addition of more green to warm skin now completes the illusion making the skin come to life and jump off the canvas. I really like the reference image because it has good lighting that shows form and also has really good color variation. These two examples clearly demonstrate that 1 color for skin is not enough. In terms of color, the  most color variation and saturation occurs at the transition tones. and a cool are added at the shadow side. I like shadows because they are an opportunity to add cool colors to the skin. That’s right. When working in photoshop, I take full advantage of the built in gradation tool to create smooth color transitions. Palette comes in .swatches format for Procreate and is easy to install by simply tapping on the palette once downloaded. In this video and detailed article you will discover 5 tips to help you improve your skin color. On the right is the painting and swatches in black and white. These are artists that I admire and have personally studied over the last few years. Here the lighter, desaturated tones are added in the lights. Note the various yellows, reds and even blues (greys). Before I add the highlights, I first block in the background tone. It can also be done by using a soft brush on wet paint to create, smooth gradation. Red Orange Brown Yellow Green Turquoise Blue Purple Pink Grey Black White Warm Cold Bright Dark Gold Neon Pastel Skin Vintage Retro Wedding Sunset Summer Autumn Winter Spring Christmas Halloween. Red plus yellow plus blue. Finally the rich, red bounce light at the under planes, especially at the mouth, completes the major color notes I see (C). This is because blue pulls or shifts the warm orangey colors towards grey. There is no such thing as a “skin” color. In the central zone, the cool pink is the base with the half-tones transitioning to a orange brown. This base of skin colors will help create a foundation of color that will feel “real” to the viewer. Enjoy. For more color and digital painting videos, check out this playlist on my Youtube channel, or follow me on Instagram for my latest artwork and process images. Skin pallets. If I can get the value right first and then come close to the temperature, in this case cool, then I will be on the right path to creating realistic color. When observing the color, I first note what color dominates the picture. (also lemme know if you can read the font, i'm worried some people will find it difficult to read) — #illustration #howto #skin #tutorial #howtodraw #tutorials #doodle #sketch #drawingtips #anatomytipsref #drawing #art, Been working on coordinating colors so I thought I should share the love. Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass has taken more than 2,500 photos of people around the world in hopes of showing the wide spectrum of skin tones among people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. When red and yellow are … ^^ Hope it will help! Variation in the shadow is especially important in this painting because most of the saturated colors occur in the shadows and transition tones. To make the skin color pop even more, I added one more pass of cool on the skin. Even though this demo was done in Photoshop, I will use traditional methods. The reason blue and green makes skin better is the same reason that saturation makes skin better. In painting terms, this means more blue is added to the mixture. Tip #3: Gradations, Gradations, Gradations! This image above shows a breakdown of the colors I see in this photograph. It also creates another shift in temperature which means more variation. When this principle is applied to skin, the skin will naturally feel more “real”. Add to favorites Save yourself time and get creative with a set of 30 colors Fair skin palette ready to use in Procreate.


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