Playful Paintings: The Sims 3 Store offers one additional easel which is effectively just a reskinned Artsy Easel. Thanks for posting this. Only the Sim who started a painting can continue it, though any Sim can scrap a painting.

Adds an Event to enable Animators to Auto-equip animation Addons on Animations "Required to play animations with Sextoys". “Math IIi” by Michael Henderson I've seen that there are alot of mods for paintings, not sure which ones to use, can't tell which ones are replacements and which add more. If FreeTime is installed, the easel also builds enthusiasm for the Arts and Crafts hobby.

Basically, Sims 4 mods do not need installation, these are automatically implemented when you place the files into your Mods folder (Documents/The Sims 4/Mods) and unimplemented by simply removing them. 2. Or can anyone show me how to do it step by step? !” by Caleb Thomas, 11 – “BREAKING BAD Cooking Version” by Simone Morana Cyla, 13 – “Rajah and Jasmine” by Kathryn Hudson, 10 – “The Time Job – Firefly + Doctor Who” by John Sumrow, 6 – “Robot Digital Impressionism” by Marta de Andrés, 7 – “Starry Night Over Cardiff Bay” by kuiwi, 12 – “The Mountain and the Viper Denial Version” by Therealmcgee, 15 – “hiccup & toothless” by Mao A Bbestia, 2 – “The Grass Starters” by purplekecleon/Mel, 12 – “Optimus Prime With Sunflower” by Hillary White, 13 – “10TH and Rose Tyler – Doctor Who” by Kana Hyde, 14 – “:The Bear and the Bow:” by lehuss/antony, 16 – “The Prince of Asgard” by Alice X. Zhang, 6 – “Return of the King” by Matt Ferguson, 7 – “Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1” by Dan Dos Santos, 9 – “Bill Murray” by replaceface/George Dawe, 5 – “A pretty little talking bird.” by Alice X. Zhang, 6 – “Easy Being Green, It’s Not” – Peter de Sève, 11 – “Zelda OoT: Link and Malon” by AlineMendes, 13 – “Mass Effect: Tali’Zorah” by Sarrah Wilkinson, 1 – “Dancing Baby Groot” by Super-kip/Thessa, 12 – “Mr Bubbles strolling” by Tyler Edlin, 14 – “I WILL fit in this box” by Hillary Luetkemeyerr, 13 – “Flickering Forest” by Katrina Schaman, 5 – “Colourful Fluid Painting 55” by Mark Chadwick, 11 – “The Reawakening2” by Danny O’Connor, 13 – “Colors Over Time 1” by Sandra Trubin, 17 – “Abstract Circuit II” by Jennifer Lyn Pavia, 20 – “225-HIGH-TECK” by jean-humbert savoldelli, 5 – “Comptine d’Un Autre Été” by Brad Collins, 7 – “La Belle et la Bete – Beauty and the Beast” by Mominur Rahman, 11 – “new work for neverwinterOL” by rogner5th/Su, 4 – “Gandalf” – The Fellowship of the Ring by CLASSICS, 8 – “Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Red 5” by Anthony Foti, 17 – “AT-AT Among the Sierra Nevada” by Oliver Wetter, 9 – “Abandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains” by Oliver Wetter, 11 – “What would I give” by Fernanda Suarez, 14 – “The Consulting Detective” by tillieke, 15 – “Star Wars: TCG – Yoda” by Anthony Foti, The Sims 4 Easel Paintings Replaced replacement new paintings. Simfulicious is right. share. Default Easel Paintings Replaced The final compilation of all the replacement files for painting categories (Classic, Abstract, Emotional, Impressionist, Pop Art, Surrealism), as well as the addition of the final category Realism and the Focus category to the Emotional paintings. This deserves a Maxis favorite. Also, they are only fulfilled if the Sim who has them is the one who sells the painting.

ATF WW Mods enable WickedWhims for children, toddlers and child pets.

The image files are saved in .dds format. 2 years ago. Since I got the game back in November, there have been multiple times when I've been interested in having a full list of the paintings you can create in game. 5. Create your own custom paintings in The Sims 4 I have always appreciated custom content creators. Creative sims are going to get random inspired moodlets and become more inspired from painting. If your ever been to a r34 site you know what to expect. I want to nominate MarkofConquest for a Maxis fav on his new build called Elysius - City of Fairies. When I exit out of that, my sim's painting action is canceled and the blank canvas literally disappears into thin air.

Hi I just follow the steps and the result painting its marked as CC. A finished painting can be named, hung on the wall, or sold either from the easel, inventory, or consignment store. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”  ― Dr. Seuss. I've now added the focused paintings to the original post (And uploaded them to the gallery.) “intimacy on display” by Silvia Pelissero, Focused Paintings: Created with the use of s4pe by Kuree and Sims4Group, & Sims4 XML Extractor by velocitygrass, Your email address will not be published. When you run the Sims 4, the painting will be back to its original design. The Sim who painted the painting does not have to be the one to sell it.

With higher skill levels, Sims can paint still life or portraits.

They build fun, and allow Sims to make money by selling their paintings. To modify .dds files you will need a plugin, which can be found here and a program like Photoshop or Gimp. Press C and they'll make whatever you're looking at.,,, You download exisiting CC and paint those for the upload, Create a new save file with a new random Sim (make sure it doesn't has needy traits I used "Creative, Loner, Cheerful) who will be your painter!

For a limited time only, buy now to receive a lifetime supply of canvases and paint! I decided to continue compiling my collection for these reasons among others, one being the fact that it was on Photobucket which is personally a pain to use. ThatYamiGuy/YamiJoeysDog loli wear diapers posters, I want to say pictures designated higher quality are worth more, but I haven't extensively painted in a while and that might just be the natural increase in value from leveling up. So, he painted his easel. Download Sim4pe here thank you so very much for the help now I can finally share some awesome rooms to the gallery :smiley: @rosemow thank you so much for your help I was able to do it,made a pokemon room now can't wait to do even more! I was tired of seeing paintings that I thought were too “meh” or juvenile, hopefully this mod with be useful to others who think the same thing. I did it for myself but decided to share. “With you” by Andre Kohn

Therefore, animations for loli/shota must be designed specifically from zero for children, or also the original animations converted to fit.

However, if the player chooses to have the Sim paint a portrait, the Sim to be painted will come to stand beside the easel.

Time for my newest build. Art is subjective, after all! Sims only have access to one easel at the beginning, and can only paint classic paintings with it. For other uses, see Painting (disambiguation). Do some paintings only unlock at certain levels like in Sims 3? Sims can unlock additional easels by advancing up the Painter career.

The paintings made on it are not separate from it, and cannot be removed from it. There are a lot of bugs that don't show their heads until you do this, so you won't even know there's a problem with your lot. In The Sims 2, the easel is called the Independent Expressions Inc. Easel. It is more elegantly shaped than the blocky, school-roomesque Artsy Easel.

Your image should now appear in Sim4pe. When you run the Sims 4, the painting will be your new design. You can also right-click on the item and choose “deleted” from the menu.


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