Available (more), Inventory: Product ID: 10924, The Silver Maple Leaf series has proven itself to be worthy enough for any serious collector or investor's collection. When first looking at a Maple Leaf, there really ... Coin collecting is a passion for many and a solid addition to investment portfolios for others. Product ID: 34937, Your Silver Maple Leaf is guaranteed to weigh one troy ounce of .9999 silver. (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: Available Maple Leafs … Minted in .9999 fine Silver, they are among the finest of all Silver dollar-size coins. Available In 1988, collectors see a smooth surface coin with a simple depiction of Queen Elizabeth II and the maple leaf. Product ID: 2664, The Royal Canadian Mint takes strides to stay at the top of precious metals technology; always giving invested buyers a reason to come back the next year. Product ID: 12547, The demand for this collection just increases with every passing year, even though the Silver Maple Leaf doesn't change its reverse design yearly. Product ID: 2665, Only 684,750 silver coins were minted in 2003! The iconic maple leaf, the one ounce of pure ... 1 oz Silver Maple Leafs. (more), Inventory: Product ID: 25890, The Silver Maple Leaf series has been in production for almost 20 years! Out of Stock Product ID: 6130, Similar to the US, most countries have their own silver dollar that is marked with that country's insignia, historical etchings, and whatever else that is important to that nation. (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: The new design for 2014 includes advanced security features including complex radial ... (more), Inventory: Out of Stock The Royal Canadian Mint is revered as one of the top mints, in the world, to produce bullion coins with .9999 purity. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins. Already being one of the top contenders among silver bullion coins sold today, the 2015 Canadian Maple Leaf ... (more), Inventory: Although the routine design of the coin barely changes from year to year, coin collectors keep coming back to the ... With .9999 pure silver and low premiums, the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf series is a dependable investment for bullion collectors all over the globe! The 2005 Silver Maple Leaf ... The Royal Canadian Mint takes strides to stay at the top of precious metals technology; always giving invested buyers a reason ... Canadian Silver Maple Leafs → Coined at the infamous Royal Canadian Mint, the ... The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf has been produced since 1987 and has been a favorite among collectors ever since! Product ID: 19730, Embrace the new age of coin minting and invest in the 2015 Canadian Maple Leaf coins! Location: (more), Inventory: (more), Inventory: Available Although the obverse design never changes, the desire to own these prized beauties has only grown throughout the US and the world. Product ID: 15110, Many investors are jumping on the Silver Maple Leaf train and investing in one of the most popular coin series on the market right now. Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins. When it was first minted, in 1988, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was the first silver bullion coin to contain a .9999 silver purity; the Royal Canadian Mint has been astonishing numismatists ever ... Out of Stock The design of this iconic symbol is found on the obverse side of the Maple Leaf coin. Silver Canadian Maple Leafs. (more), Inventory: With radial lines and a security privy mark, the newer Silver Maple Leaf coins are prepared to dismantle fraudulent activity in the coin world! The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, from the Royal Canadian Mint, is the second most popular silver coin we offer, behind the American Silver Eagle Coin.Silver Maple Leaf Coins … Product ID: 15118, The Royal Canadian Mint celebrated their 25th year of minting the Silver Maple Leaf coins. Coins or bars? The RCM achieves the .9999 purity in ... Available The minting of ... Product ID: 2661, Nowadays, there are quite a few options when it comes to buying silver online. Nearly every year, variations of the maple leaf … (more), Inventory: Product ID: 16258, This is the first year the Royal Canadian Mint updated their security features on the silver Maple Leaf. Product ID: 7218, The Silver Maple Leaf series has been attracting not only coin collectors but bullion investors since 1988 with no plans of stopping any time soon. This is ... If you are looking for a certain year, we ... Available The first year of release saw around 1,000,000 coins minted and … Available Available Every ... (more), Inventory: Straight from the Royal Canadian Mint, the silver Maple Leaf ... 1 oz Silver Maple Leafs. Product ID: 2662, In 1988, the first Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was made. Available Out of Stock Low ... Buy Silver → (more), Inventory: To commemorate the event, the RCM has released the Silver Maple Leaf 25th anniversary edition. (more), Inventory: The Silver Maple Leaf is here to put your silver bullion confusion to ... (more), Inventory: Product ID: 30621, Hence the name of this coin series, the maple leaf was the inspiration behind the silver coin design. Product ID: 2663, There were only 955,694 silver Maple Leaf coins minted in 2005. Silver eagles or Libertads? The Royal Canadian Mint has earned its reputation of not only minting premium ... No matter your reason for choosing to start collecting or investing in silver coins, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are usually one of the most common choices.These coins are the official bullion coins … Since first minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988, the iconic 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin has become one of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins. As you see the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs through the years, you will see a drastic change not in design but in aesthetic of the coins. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are considered by many silver bullion industry experts as one of the best silver coins you can buy in the physical silver … Out of Stock Canadian Maple Leaf Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) are modern bullion coins known around the world struck in gold, platinum, palladium, and in silver bullion. 2020 Canadian Twin Maples 2 oz Silver BU. Available Available The RCM is also a leader in technological advances towards safer coin transactions, protecting against fraud and counterfeiting. Out of Stock Buy Silver Maple Leaf Coins. (more), Inventory: Available The Canadian ... The Royal Canadian Mint began striking the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin in 1988 and these silver Canadian coins remain the official .9999 silver coin of Canada.


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