Recently I took a glance at SD Bullions pages and there it was and in stock.

With only 3000 produced and there it was and with a price I was more than happy to cover.

She stated that she heard noise and movement in the house. As Silver rose up I decided to sell my silver to SD Bullion. My purchase was seamless. We have also stayed committed to investors wanting the highest level of education on the how and why to invest in gold and silver. So far in 2020 i've placed 3 orders for various products with SD Bullion. If they truly have my order and I receive it soon I will change my review, but as of now I believe they are selling products they do not have!

PS I also have a formal complaint pending with the FTC and this and all correspondence w will be forwarded to the FTC.

Plus,it was SD duty to demand and insure the signature of the consumer.Also the merchandise must be fully replaced!

Just a Telephone and Low Prices.” Thanks guys!

As always, great experience. Just to be honest and emphasizing that this review is not fake, my order number is 2014944.

Since we have not received any response to any of our attempts to reach out to you, this has been sent to collections. What i recieved was 100 ASE of the same year (2009), I can deal with that, however every single coin is milk white. Do you guys always sell previous orders when you increase your premiums then make the 1st buyer wait a month or more? P.S. Log in, Top 5 Best Gold Coins – Investors Favorite Picks, How To Invest In Bitcoin – From Your Retirement Account, Get Crypto Alerts | For Beginners & Advanced, #1 Recommended Trade Of 2020 – 4-Part Audio Series + FREE Detailed Report. Sure, SD Bullion is the lowest price no matter if you get your product or not. They are beautiful. In fact, Inc Magazine named SD Bullion the 177th Fastest Growing Company in 2017. SD Bullion, Inc.

79 $ for 100gram gold bar was sent on 8/6/2018 and it was cashed by SD Bullion. Write a review. My father loves his roaring lion coin!

Too much verification, waist my time. I called today to discuss this matter, and the lady patched me through to Collection Department.

I couldn't even get a SD Bullion Statement of Loss notarized due to the pandemic. We will also try to contact you again by phone tomorrow if we do not hear back from you.

In 2011, two doctors started the website with one dream: To educate the masses on the value of hard assets and preparation.

Buy somewhere els. Again we appreciate the feedback as we are always looking to improve our customer experience.

Too much verification, waist my time.

Which state that;All orders are shipped fully insured via of USPS,UPS,and FEDEX at the discretion of SD BULLION unless otherwise stated. Disappoint in SD bullion. 4.2. sdbul

Thank you for purchasing your precious metals from SD Bullion! With only 3000 produced and there it was and with a price I was more than happy to cover. That my information was compromised and to stop threatening me. From the beginning the threats of being sent to collections or taken to court have made it very hard to want to do business with this company. And a loyal customer.

Ive bought from multiple dealers, and I made the mistake of trying out SD bullion. My advice would be to deal with a local coin shop- trying to buy precious metals on line is a nightmare. As always I'm extremely satisfied! Thank you for your response. Precious Metal Dealers. The responsibility to investigate and replace the product falls on SD. And a loyal customer. If you have purchased some silver and can’t get rid of that little voice in your head that keeps saying what if they are fake silver coins …. Service is prompt! They have a lot of things in stock that nobody else does. (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Don’t take our word for it.

I placed a rather small order at this "company" for under $3K worth of gold using PAY PAL because they advertise that they accept PAY PAL.

I have had well over 20 orders placed and I’ve never had a problem. The customer service was definitely top notch and helped me so much. I was assured in a reply email that my order was being processed as fast as possible under the current circumstances. SD was completely inflexible about a delivery location change.

Thank you for your response. Very quick turnaround. What is BitGo? I also go to the post office and ask if there is one *** working there. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews.

I work at home every other week. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied..

I was wondering if I could get a list of all the consumers complaining against SD bullion from the

Easy ordering and quick delivery. Since when did company charge consumers $50 fee for filing a chargeback? (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) In addition to hedging, there is also significant operational costs to back out of a trade. My check and I still don't have my silver. In these upside times when I'm sure this company is making millions on gold sales they are charging people exorbitant amounts of money for simply filling out an online order- It feels like extortion. All rights reserved. I told them this is not how I normally do business, and to please drop the cancellation fee. Thanks again for the products u delivered on in a timely and secured fashion. I went on line to read SD shipping and insured policy. Why?

Lastly, delivery was very discreet, kind of made me laugh, but given the amount of money involved, it's always good to know they go the extra mile to ensure a smooth, safe transaction. SD Bullion is now one of the fastest growing bullion dealers in the United States. As always I'm extremely satisfied! I work at home every other week. SD was completely inflexible about a delivery location change.

Consumers satisfied with SD Bullion most frequently mention customer service, free shipping and precious metals.


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