When I check online it says no estimated date to repair.

@FreetheUSA11 @KOCOAbigail @KOCODillon @KOCOJessica @kfor @NEWS9 @koconews Cox keeps telling us there’s no time table for its return, but that’s it. Currently in an "outage" as they call it, which is most likely caused by oversaturation on the node. @HaleyOyler @jollyhistorian2 Hello, Thank you for reaching out to the Cox Social Media Team and sharing your suggestion. @CBredar A bittersweet moment. Cox has went down twice today paying $100 a month for shit internet and for the service to go down Today's stream has been postponed, the other attempts have been met with a myriad of technical issues that getting better internet should have covered, but dealing with Cox, that clearly wasn't the case. You may install the Cox App for updates (the app is available through the Apple Store or GooglePlay). 1 was an area outage (also affected regular Rogers customers) & 1 was an ignite outage that affected all of Ontario (lasted a couple hours & only affected TV). Some kind of timeline would be helpful. Cox has been completely uncommunicative.

Our techs are working diligently to restore services in your area.

not my internet not working because cox stays garbage haha. Garbage company, garbage service with @CoxComm, @MumosoMusic Hi there, it looks like there was an issue discovered that may be impacting you Cox services. @CoxHelp the internet/cable in our area has been out for 15+ days. Thanks . Maybe by the time we get home Sunday we will be back to normal civilization.

My Wifi router is about 2 years old.

@MaxedLuck @phinocaster @jaiz_23 @robbystarbuck If Cox,known for fanatical unquestioning support of lies by Trump,had been balanced? This means a copy is stored in your browser as long as you have visited that page before. Like saying “this glitch has shown a flaw in an application,let’s ensure by same appropriate controls that made the glitch obvious,it hasn’t occurred elsewhere”? -Spotify

You may download the Cox App, @CoxHelp You can view outage information by signing in to the Cox app. -Verizon @TheRobinBull Hello, I am sorry to hear with the visit our Cox Business Tech was unable to correct the issue. Full Price: $219 $108. @jar2theWorld Buh TheJoKeR says: Be Calming down babe, it is a sign of #PUBERTY! -Colleen 2020-10-28T09:11:58.966000+00:00 @bradcoxracing had a phenomenal weekend. -Playstation Network Please feel free to DM us with your complete home address and include the name of the. -T Mobile @eflynn06

@tcbdbackfan @WhatsGood_Games @Xbox No, I have standard cable Internet speed with Cox.

TV and internet. Anyone on cox having issues with youtube and twitch? It's 6:28. Support treats you like you are dumb, thoughtless puppet and its bullshit, @okcwxwizard Hi Preston, an estimated time of repair hasn't been posted. @CoxHelp the internet/cable in our area has been out for 15+ days. @J4yGrant Says Computer glitch was only found through voter recount! I just think yall need more employees, your customers shouldn't have to wait over 24hrs for help. Is anyone’s Cox internet not working???????

Save $111 on your AirPods! @i_amparker *their, but yes Cox needs to get the issue fixed as soon as possible because this is more than just a “oh I want internet issue”, businesses and schools also rely on their service, Cox internet in Edmond down right during the OU and the OSU game. We are here 24/7. Your rep on the phone said they have no idea when it will be back. "Cox: We expect to restore service in your area by 09:24PM. I know how disappointing it can be to not be able to go online when you want to relax and play your game. Our internal systems are down for maintenance as well. List of some companies showing a spike of problems reported starting around 645pm EST, @callmedollar Google, Cox Communications (can't pay my bill...outage nationwide they told me) @Take_2_Tweets @Walkefor87 @MickeyDollens @CyndiMunson85 @CoxComm You had Cox internet during this outage? To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has. We’ve had several outages due to the weather and that’s fine, but all that is ever sent out is ambiguous “there is an outage in your area...” and there is never a fix time.

Anyone else in New Orleans (around Mid City) having internet problems?


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