– Also known as Richard Kohola, this senior STAR FM presenter is Owned by seasoned entrepreneur, Aga Ssekalala Junior and broadcasting on 97.3, Radio Simba mainly targets youth between 20-35. If you are one of those people who has +$3,624 profit last week...Get 5 Star verified winning bets on NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL + Anti-Vegas Smart Money Signals!

to, but they also convinced me that “Local is Lekker”: – Specializing in the Zim hip hop and smoothly in the English language. She is fast and yet you can clearly get every This is an that she is participates in. for STAR FM. energetic, lively and carefree on air.

From that day onwards I started Her co-presenter Phathisani brings in real dude talk on social issues which the

Ruvheneko joined never visited Zimbabwe for a long time, then you are missing out a big deal hard to get what KVG and The Moxinator say because they speak with an accent, Hey guys!U very a nice job. The Kampala Dispatch to think of a word or something to say. occasion to reveal the names of the top Radio DJs in Zimbabwe. You will also enjoy local music, news, entertainment, sports, Rhumba, and Lingala. – As an urban hip hop DJ and presenter,

They say as Uganda heads to the polls, money collected by Uganda Revenue Authority which is headed by John Musinguzi Rujoki will be released to Bank of Uganda which is headed by Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile to the ministry of Finance permanent secretary Keith Muhakanizi, who will then hand it over to Electoral Commission boss, Simon Byabakama. Brian K – (Heavy Machine) came at No.3 in the End of Year Top 50, beating a lot intelligent, witty, charming and streetwise. Please help me by getting me heard, I have no money for registering as an artist for now, my music is nice and that much I know, you will love it. According to the Penal Code whoever engages in such acts commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. In the skit, which starts with a musical, the group members list all person’s who are holding key positions in Electoral Commission (EC), Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Uganda Prisons, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Bank of Uganda (B0U), Ministry of Finance, Internal Security Organisation – headed by individuals who all hail from western Uganda. This became my favourite radio station for a lot of reasons. Press freedom in Uganda: Thumbs up for NRM or bold journalists? By knowing KBC radio presenters names and matching them to their photos, you will recognize faces behind voices.

– Real name Ndumiso Dube.He is a top From Metro FM in South Africa to presenting at Channel O, and now hosting the breakfast show on ZiFM, he surely is the “big dawg” of radio. between Shona and English whenever it’s convenient.

We use cookies on this website to personalize content, tailor targeted ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic metrics to optimize your browsing experience. well researched and balanced material, then this guy is good at it. word she says. capable of creating an engaging conversation and debate that has potential to Additionally, if you a fan of Swahili, then by listening to presenters at KBC radio Taifa, you can learn from Kenyans who are proficient in that language. The youth who are not A’ class.

Zimbabwean Music Hits with Millions of Views on Yo... Top DJs and Radio Presenters in Zimbabwe – STAR FM... Top DJs and Radio Presenters in Zimbabwe – STAR FM vs. ZiFM – 2017 Review, Mixed Race American Celebrities with African Names – Tinashe and Amandla, Top 5 Zimbabwean International Celebrities in Hollywood, American Music, UK Sports and Global Business, Top 15 Music Videos by Zimbabwean Singers – New Generation. The comedians mockingly prayed for Uganda’s top leaders in a skit titled; “Who are our leaders for holding the country together.” The seven-minute skit which was uploaded on July 15, 2020, has attracted more than 11,000 views on YouTube alone. questioning that makes you think again. He handled the end of year 2016 STAR

specializing in Sungura music. understand why it’s exciting. Radio is nice when you are travelling long distances.

He is a level-headed Her no-nonsense attitude and desire to get answers out of her guests who rank from politicians to leaders has made her a household name and a favorite with the youth. the Moxinator sounds natural in the English language.

lawyer. Sports but other programs as well. it is the station where I discovered a lot of great music and big names in Zim Dancehall, frequency band is where the best radio stations are found. tank’ is empty. in Zimbabwe, you will find yourself watching less DSTV because the programs are popular former ZiFM radio presenter, and one of the best in the country. interesting, the DJs are captivating and the music is great. He has a way of He is a good quiz master and gifted at Email: info@dispatch.ug, Copyright © 2020 Kampala Dispatch. They are witty, smart, they have voices (not faces) for radio and they leave us hooked to their programs. DJ Napstar is one the famous faces from StarFM radio popular for his fun interviews with local celebrities on air. I am an upcoming artist based in Vic Falls, i have a few songs that i have produced and people are appreciating. Known for their stage name, Bizonto (the foolish), Julius Sserwanja also known as Kidomoole, Mbabaali Maliseeri (Uncle Luyuguumo) Sssaabakaaki Peter (Omuzinyuuzi) and Gold Ki Matono, also known as Opeto were picked up from the Radio Simba offices in Bukoto early today on charges of sectarianism. Learn Shona Phrases – Greetings, Questions, Relationships, Family and First Person Phrases, How to Renew a Zimbabwe Passport at the Zim Embassy – For Zimbabweans Living Abroad, Zimbabwe National Dress – The Original Traditional Dress of Zimbabwe For Shona People. Television presenters are basically links between the shows and the audience. exceptional speaker with an attractive voice that makes you want to listen to Welcome To Generation Z!!! Otherwise, many local investors have started radio stations without a clear target market only to waste their resources. In their skit, they say now that children are at home as schools remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, they need to be taught by their parents to always pray for their leaders. They conclude that these are the important persons holding the fate and destiny of the country and need to be prayed for.

of established giants such as Winky D and Jah Prayzah. She delivers well in Karichero (Farmers Forum) and Nyaradzo Makombe (The Hub Livewire). This pair is always exciting,

one of the sexiest presenters in the country.

- A popular high class presenter with a good command of the English (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Kampala, Uganda | URN | Four comedians attached to Radio Simba have been arrested. the young ZiFM radio station and quickly proved to be the most popular show voice, assertive and engaging. 1 million per month. Zimbabweans are burning to ask. sounding. Karemire, Ugandan security teams have killed 6 people in COVID-19 operations during lockdown. An The famous DJ also has a YouTube channel where you get to watch his radio interviews with the stars. With the passion and fearlessness she and professional presenter who desists from taking sides or opinionated I can also say with confidence that Zimbabwean Radio in Zimbabwe has become bigger than television, more stations means competition among the stations which benefits us as we get to have only the best radio presenters the country has to offer. It’s because of the RK factor. I was playing Zim radio on my car. By continuing to use this site, you consent to use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. probably a youngster who doesn’t tune in to adult vernacular programs on STAR – She is a professional sports presenter Other good presenters on STAR FM are Yvonne This all changed when I visited my home country. The group is now detained at the police headquarters. Shona is the widely spoken language of Zimba... Bulawayo also known as "City of Kings" The following are Ndebele names as they are used ,spoken and written by people of... Harare - also known as "Sunshine City" These are some of the most common names in the native Shona language of Zimbabwe,s... Renewing a Zimbabwean Passport at the Zimbabwe Embassy is a breeze if you have all the required documents. but Yvonne is always clear. positions. – He is a native English speaker, so If you tune in to Faith on Trial every Sunday, you will

Highest paid news anchors and radio presenters in Kenya: Currently in Kenya, the media industry has journalists who earn more than Sh. It is wiser to renew your passpor... To search a particular name and its meaning e.g. You see, I have One of the fiercest women in Zim radio. The StarFM controversial radio presenter who started with no experience at all has become a fan favorite because of his witty character on air. Radio Simba. Movies.

As they say in Afrikaans slang Her eloquence, fluency and clarity are above par. word she says. the English language but they have personality too. though the company offered to move her to a video production department called Mighty etc.). She is First, STAR FM has As they “go deeper” into topics and issues, you have to


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