Can PRESTO customers on OC Transpo use the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO)? Your e-Purse cannot contain more than $1,000. 3. If you are using a card that has a Child, Youth or Senior fare type, you must also be eligible for any discounted fares set on the card. Signing in without an account only lets you check your balance and access limited features. Can more than one person travel on the same PRESTO card at the same time? It takes 24 hours after reporting your card lost or stolen for it to be blocked on the bus. Do I pay twice? Is there any way to have a discount when using YRT and TTC? Pursuant to Section 39(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, you are hereby notified that personal information relating to you is being collected for the purposes of PRESTO card registration and to contact you as required about your PRESTO account. Create a PRESTO Account to get the most out of your PRESTO card. Registration lets you: Before you can take advantage of a Community, EquiPass or Access fare discount for which you qualify, you need to bring your card and proof of eligibility to an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre. Once you have bought and setup your card, you’re ready to load it. If you pay-per-ride aboard a bus, you can use your e-Purse balance to pay the fares of others you are traveling with. Q: If I get off a TTC vehicle briefly to do an errand and get back on, will I be charged again when I board transit? A: No. Create a PRESTO Account to get the most out of your PRESTO card. On GO Transit, what is an Auto Missed Tap Off Adjustment / Missed Tap Off Adjustment? If there are insufficient funds on your PRESTO card or there is an issue with your account, two beeps will sound and a red light will display on the device when you tap your card. Get the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here. Load money into your Presto e-Purse. Q: Do the PRESTO cards expire? PRESTO automatically calculates your trip and deducts the fare. PRESTO e-purse. Q: Do I need to tap off when I exit the subway or a TTC or YRT bus? If your card is registered, you can transfer your balance to a new card if it gets lost or stolen: Transfer your information by phone or online. We also offer a webinar and workshop on PRESTO on the TTC and beyond. Try again. A: Yes, the PRESTO app is available for download on Android and iPhone. Does TTC offer a similar feature? We’ve compiled some of the questions we hear the most below. When you tap on, the system deducts the default trip fare, so you don’t have to tap a second time when you get off at your default destination. Activate your Autoload contract by tapping onto a reader within 30 days. Costs for adults: 138.55 per month. If you transfer from a TTC bus to a YRT bus then you can pay both fares with your PRESTO card. The readers are located near the doors of buses and on the fare gates at O-Train stations. The time remaining on your transfer and the route type will be stored on your card. Yes, you need to have enough fare to cover the farthest distance from the station you’re departing from regardless of destination. You also need to prove eligibility if requested. I noticed that any loaded funds do not show on the balance unless it is subsequently tapped. Paying per ride by using Presto e-purse offers savings compared to the regular cash fare. A: Nope, just an updated look. See the Set a Default Trip to Save Time page on for more information about setting and using default trips. A: Not at present, however YRT has implemented a discount program for customers taking YRT to GO Transit. If you’re not travelling the full distance, your card will be credited for the difference when you tap off. You can buy it for yourself or on behalf of an eligible person. A: In the past, you could have claimed it using the Transit Usage Report generated by PRESTO, however the public transit tax subsidy has been cancelled so this is not possible right now. A child, youth or senior may use an adult's PRESTO card to travel at full adult fare. An Auto Missed Tap Off Adjustment is the payment of your Missed Tap Off trip, paid when you tap on for your next trip. If this occurs, sign in to your PRESTO account and open a live chat window. When you reach your destination station, tap a second time. Do you need more time? The Customer Service Centre (CSC) located in the Rideau Centre is open. A: No. ... Payment By e-Purse. Have questions about how to use your PRESTO card? Why is the fare not uniform? On GO Transit, why is the Missed Tap Off Adjustment amount showing up twice on my transaction history? Q: Is there a way to check my account without logging in to the website? Card readers on the bus are updated at least three times a day. Create a username and password that you'll use to sign into your PRESTO Account. Verification Number* Sign In Cancel. Yes, PRESTO cards are transferable between riders. For this reason, Para Transpo cash fares have been lowered to line up with e-Purse fares. If this happens, pay the fare with cash and contact Presto. Anyone can buy a Presto card with an age-based discount . Is there a way to have some refunded if not used? The form supports the following characters @$!%*#?& ' "<>()+, ”. A: Yes, but there is a fee to extract funds from the PRESTO card. Be sure to leave enough time for … If you forget to override your default trip on GO Transit, this may result in you being overcharged if you take a trip shorter than your default trip, or even a fine for travelling beyond your default trip distance. When you transfer to STO, the STO system recognizes that transfer, and as long as your journey is within the transfer time window, no additional fare is required. Note that this will happen automatically only when you tap on with the same service provider as your Missed Tap Off trip. if you have a student pass on your card, the person borrowing it cannot use it unless they are also a student). The dollar value in the Amount column corresponding with Auto Missed Tap Off Adjustment or Missed Tap Off Adjustment does not affect your ePurse balance, you’re not being “double charged”. Each individual transit agency determines their transfer policies for customers using PRESTO. Until you have done so, your monthly pass is not valid and does not count as paid fare. A: No, there is no way to cancel your tap. We review the number of taps on our different routes and factor them in when we develop schedules. A: Anywhere between 4-24 hours depending on which method you use. You must meet eligibility criteria to use the card with a discounted fare. Please note: you will still receive a one-time account registration email, as well as emails with your personal link for email address verification anytime your email address is updated.


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