Getting the picture? Not so fast — and that's meant literally. Keep the locking mechanism lightly oiled and work the action regularly so they open and close smoothly. SCSU74. How does your duty gear react? Two single cuff cases work well in this location. Many times, you can tell the years an officer has been on the street by how they wear their duty gear and what they choose to carry. With practice, these movements become second nature to a well-trained officer. Police, military, security guards, and first responder squads have all very tough jobs to do.They are often posted in remote areas or have to respond to very dangerous tactical situations where they need the right kind of tactical gear to give their best.There is a lot of different type of equipment to carry and one needs to keep everything safe and secure. Its MSRP is $61.38. The levels indicate the number of actions necessary to remove the weapon from the holster. It is completely adjustable for all body sizes. Try putting a key inside a belt keeper and then forget about it until it's needed. Shop Duty Belt Keepers. The closed cases require you to pull up on a flap, unsnapping the cover before pulling out the cuffs. Shop Duty Carriers. 59. Officers should never be pulling magazines from anywhere except where they regularly carry them. It is waterproof and runs on three CR123A batteries. Pepper spray, when properly applied, is a valuable tool. While there are general guidelines and certain methods that are common, it's up to each individual to decide how best to set up their belt. Shop Batons, Magazine pouches and extra magazines are almost universally located somewhere on the front of the duty belt. Hear anything? I fight where I'm told and I win where I fight." Spyderco's P'kal is another excellent choice and perhaps "the" choice for folks who cannot or choose not to carry a fixed blade knife. A silent approach when reacting to a crime in progress or when clearing a residence is vital.

No two officers are alike — we come in all sizes and shapes. Its MSRP is $61.38. Items of roughly equal weight, like your portable radio and expandable baton, are placed on the weak / support side. Filtered by: Clear All. Its MSRP is $79.99.

While some departments used to mandate nearly all issued equipment, most have become less stringent over time. The ergonomics will be different for everyone, so it's worth holding and manipulating a knife as you would on duty to find the best fit. There are currently 5646 users online. During night fire qualification, some officers find it's easy to shoot the entire course from the hip with laser-guided accuracy. Consider your light failing during a foot chase of an armed robber through a swampy forest on a pitch-black night. ", Copyright 1996-2017,, Southcomm Business Media - Public Safety Interactive. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. Today's officer wants to carry the highest quality gear they can buy, as their lives may depend on it. Police Officer’s Guide to Staying Safe During COVID-19, Law Enforcement Guide to De-escalation Techniques, Basics of Crowd Control during Riots and Civil Unrest, Officer's Guide to Serving Those With a Mental Disability, Police Officer’s Guide to Lateral Transfers, What to Expect at an Officer’s First Roll Call, How to Recognize Borrowed or Fake Identification. X. The old school method is to carefully thread the duty belt through each piece of equipment and then the corresponding trouser belt loop so all the gear ends up in the proper location. Now you've set up your belt, positioning equipment to be comfortable, functional and weight balanced, you're done, right? The inflexibility of the hinge makes this possible. Shop Duty Belts.

While still on the pistol range wearing your full duty gear, it's now time to see how you function wearing your equipment.

They then affix an outer duty belt to the inner belt with a series of snap or Velcro belt keepers. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. Boasting 1,100 lumens, the ProTac HL3 from Streamlight puts an amazingly powerful flashlight on the officer’s duty belt. To lessen this effect, evenly distribute heavier items on your belt. Helpful Did you find this article helpful? A laser on a handgun is an essential police tool. The batons are sold individually and in kits that include a duty belt holster. It also takes a lot of time to remove the belt from the uniform pants.

Shop Duty Accessories. I wound up getting a Benchmade HK Plan D. It's a great knife. 300x250 Mobile. Duty Belts. Most departments allow these tactical add-ons, but they also set a minimum standard for the alternate holster. FREE GUN FRIDAY: Win an FN 509 Pistol, LaserMax Laser & Black Hills Ammo! Every officer carries a bright light, especially on the night shift, but flashlights have a way of failing at the worst possible time. The next consideration is the material. To that extent, it's very effective. To choose a duty belt, you must first decide how you will wear it. It gives a very neat appearance, especially on lean officers. The more you practice with your equipment and the more time you spend on the job, the better you'll understand which techniques work best for you. Shop Duty Holsters | Learn More about How to Choose a Gun Holster. Depending on the capacity of the sidearm, two fully loaded magazines in the pouch is typically the right balance between the added weight and not running out of ammunition. The expandable baton is effective in crowd control situations.

Medical gear company Eleven 10 is now making a rigid tourniquet case for duty belts.


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