??? Just a fraction of the power of IT itself imprison outside Time and Space. We ain't told what he can do where he is imprisoned what he looks like how he acts when somebody is there as well. Wiz: Speed is perhaps one of Spinel's most effective abilities. Wiz: Thanos is also incredibly durable! Sheesh, and his title only grows once he get the Infinity Gauntlet and all six Infinity Stones! Okay, so I agree with you. She had to leave that all behind in order to match up with her older sister-like figures. He's atleast omniversial. Away from slapping distance, I can elongate my arm towards them, right into their ti--. The dude's got plot armor on at this point. Thanos turns him into a puddle of guts and facepaint. You see, despite it giving him an advantage in battle, Thanos has to almost purely rely on his physique in most fights, he doesn't have any unique superpowers compared to other characters, and sometimes his physique doesn't always benefit him. In time of Pink Diamond's isolation from the verbal abuse of her fellow Diamonds, she'd use the play time with Spinel to cope with the stress given to her. You are reading incorrectly. @cadencev2: oozing puddles moving at the speed of a freight train ARE NOT going to bother big G. @cadencev2: Would the Ultimate Nullifier work on him? This thread shows the pic of the penny wise avatar is he fighting the clown or is he fighting something that might as well not exist and is next to a 100% speculation of a being? Wiz: In fiction, if there's one thing many alien species have taught us, it's that they're usually good at either one of two things. Granted, its subtle, but its there. Boomstick: That they either come in peace and harmony, wanting to save the Earth from abominable threats, or take the more cliche & asshole route and colonize and/or destroy other civilizations only to further their own territory! Galactus can attack any reality. The movie version basically was one too, right? Yeah, so we know he's super durable and we know he can make Avatars, TP and TK as you say, but we have no showings of the strength and damage of his powers against beings such as Galactus. It's over. Who wins? Patrick is a competitor in Cartoon Beatbox Battles. But what's stopping Pennywise from turning into Galactus and stomping all over Darkseid? And no, better feats? But I'll hold off on my verdict because I'm not sure. He trained to acquire sheer amounts of fighting skill to the point where his combat experience, his vast army and reputation considered him the strongest creature in the universe! deadlights wont break him. Two of 2019’s greatest movie villains battle for the win! The spinning of the blades also allow him to throw it like a boomerang, in the same sense where it'll reach a considerable distance, soon to retract back to its thrower! Boomstick: MAN! Who wins? Wiz: Over a thousand years ago, Titan was like any other planet in the vast universe, for it was home to a race of rich, powerful beings known as... Well, Titans. Seems kind of redundant if you ask me. Maybe, does it transcend Space and Time? @limpoyzloan: Check up a bit at that huge feat list. The same turtle god that created him by simply recoiling into it's shell because, you know, logic. Expect IT: Chapter 2 spoilers.-Battle takes place in Derry to give IT a leg up. Explain yourself. I wouldn't say he'd just used balloons. And, this is morals-off Thanos. Tell her to wait in the garden, never to leave that exact spot until SHE returned, and before we knew it... She NEVER came back! Blue. I feel as if their defeat was just for plot progression, instead of good agility. It could not be physically harmed or killed, only Mentally destroyed and spiritedly broken, the main point was killing ITs offspring and banishing IT. Either version loses the fight and their self esteem forever against Thanos. @Batman242: No where near as powerful as he's trying to make him out to be, in typical horror monster fashion he was taken out by normal people. I can also use it for the element of surprise towards women! But come on Galactus fully fed? It's not speculation it's a fact. It wasn't like any other day in Beach City. Basically a Multiverse Psychic power. Randall Flagg mentions this and impersonates Legion several times, but the history holds true. Not a chance. Villain' Themed Death Battles, 'Battle of the Genders' themed Death Battles, 'Cartoons vs Movies' themed Death Battles, 'Movies vs TV Shows' themed Death Battles, Travel Delays from Avengers: Infinity War, Drift Away (Instrumental) from Steven Universe: The Movie, https://deathbattlefanon.fandom.com/wiki/Thanos_(MCU)_VS._Spinel?oldid=1464175. -The version of Pennywise used is the Warner Bros. Pennywise. Wiz: You are correct on that, Boomstick, but for this Death Battle, we will be focusing on Thanos for how he was portrayed in Avengers: Endgame. Mind you, both Capt's shield and Stark's armor were all constructed by Vibranium, meaning Thanos' sword might be forged from a metal stronger than Earth's most powerful metal. Isn't IT the clown who lives in the sewers and kills people? It's mostly designed and used to rejuvenate and dismantle the memories of Gems, and nothing more. He also tanked numerous strikes from Thor, and Captain America with Mjolnir. [Thor then gives out a battle cry, as all 3 opposing avengers leap towards Thanos, engaging in battle. Don't try to pass off an argument as your own. If so than thanos could beat him. its been awhile since I watched the film,but as i said before I remember the creeper getting gunned down so if it didnt heal with bullets or shotgun rounds than its healing factor must not be all that great. If read you realize IT was not only battling Bill and Richie mentally, but stealing their very Souls (as mention a battle of the mind and spirit) into the Dead Lights where ITs main form is Imprison. She then began to unravel from the lighthouse, lunging herself towards her three targets. Note: This profile will be subject to revision in the near future. I wouldn't say he'd just used balloons. Her could just turn into Abraxas and make galactus piss in his pants. : HEY! Boomstick: Essentially a giant walking talking raisin! Boomstick: His Double-Edged Sword acts like a two-bladed sword, except like a helicopter, it can spin around rapidly, which can allow him to block certain attacks, such as energy beams and other forms of projectiles. Shoot in Stephen Kings universe Pennywise would be obliterated by the artist Roland travels with by drawing him and erasing him. Maybe. so they didnt win easy with a slingshot like you're makiing it out to be. Boomstick: She's one Gem you'll have a hard time poofin'! Such as assistance from the creator of IT, a combined will power which overcame IT's, resistance to the Deadlights. Ozzing puddles. No stones. He gained the likes of a fearful reputation around the galaxy, AND acquired three armies! But towards an opponent who carries no gem-like factors to them what so ever, they won't really do much. Boomstick: Whatever you say, I guess it's also worthy to note that despite her physical skill, she's also an adept weapon user. Boomstick: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she's freakin' fast as well! nice catch. Pennywise is not THAT powerful I dont care how you spin it, flip it, rearrange it. 6 Results Marvel Cinematic Universe VS. Steven Universe! A man can dream, Wiz! If anyone can provide his best telepathy feats it'd be appreciated. Thanos: Then this only puts us a step further in the goal we've devoted ourselves to. I don't think IT stands a chance against someone who kicks cosmic entities and gods' asses. I am not sure Pennywise in the novel could actually die. The Mad Titan squinted, confused, before looking up to the skies to see another mechanical craft of some sorts descend down from the planet's Atmosphere. Press J to jump to the feed. You're not using the feat system correctly. Boomstick: Her Gem Rejuvenator is another thing! Still in favor of Thanos though, Pennywise will back down extremely quick and call it a day when IT realizes it's not phasing the Mad Titan at all. Granted, its subtle, but its there. Yet... Its life and defenses are feeble and frail, for they lack even the most basic of battle criteria. If, however, Thanos possesses the IG, he could erase Pennywise (even true-form) no doubt based on feats and true-form Pennywise's nature. There never any indication to IT in the Deadlights sustaining any damage. Wiz: Pretty impressive considering that Spinel was initially made for entertainment purposes, thus possibly meaning that she never picked up a weapon prior to her change of heart. The assumption is that he will be at least as powerful as the avatar was but there's no indication whether he could actually take on Galactus or not. And if I'm understanding the story that you provided correctly, the less they are afraid of IT the harder he finds it to maintain the shape he's chosen? Wiz: And like all Gems, if she were to acquire sufficient amounts of damage damage to her physical form, she will then poof back into her Gem form, awaiting reformation. You are indeed where you belong. You should be informing me of your own intentions, despite how apparent and seemingly perishable they are. There's a quote button for a reason. Boomstick: One day however, that all changed when Blue and Yellow Diamond informed her of the news that she can finally start colonizing her own planet! When you kill Galactus, Abraxas shows up. We do know IT was too powerful for the Multiversal Psy Beam Maturin to destroy, merely imprison into the deadlights and we know IT has Universal Psy power as he can make Avatars, TP, and TK from outside the Universes edge. Crimson King once trapped became that said beast. You could have even simply gone -Original Poster. He was able to mind warp, shape shift, teleport..etc... all with illusions. Would getting a boner count as my superpower the--. The Children were under the protection of the Turtle the whole time. Characters Creators Teams Volumes Issues Publishers Locations Concepts Things ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It can Shape shift into any form from physical form to oozing puddle. Pennywise is out of his league. Very Subtle but there. It's apparently also impossible to beat him without performing the ritual that essentially gets the turtle God to back you up. No stones. So he took action and used his skills to build up resources to become a tyrannical world-conqueror. The latch on its bottom then opened, revealing a massive drill. WTH are you talking about? What a pro! Yeesh, the logic of this show is kinda convoluted at times. This topic is locked from further discussion. Pennywise made primarily visual illusions. In the story the voices within IT call themselves Legion. Until the revision is completed, it is not advised that users create VS threads featuring this character. The figure that had came in so drastically, then leapt down in front of Thanos from a distance. Pink Diamond was such a bitch! Find out in this Death Battle! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Wiz: Alright the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all. those adults were pure gifted. Becoming a fearsome foe on the battlefield with her many techniques, skills, weaponry, and physique! He only got his ass kicked by kids because he was in a weakened state. Boomstick: Just comes to show that even without the Infinity Gauntlet or any of the Infinity Stones, Thanos is still one mean grape! Spinel: So you're the all powerful Thanos everybody and their own COLONY is talkin' about!


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