Stop talking to me!" - wpck_mg_5 "Every journey also ends, with a single step!" "Droppin' zombies since 1945! *Jungle noises are heard, presumably teleported to Shangri-La*Dr. Edward Richtofen: Oh no!_______________________________________________________________________________________________, Dr. Schuster: Log Entry 43. "Did you put these chalk drawings here Samantha?" In know what I'm doing! "What could go wrong in a darkened diner in the middle of no where?" "President Nixon is not part of a complete breakfast." *shows the four killing zombies*Floyd Campbell:  Fight's over, you lost.Jack Vincent:  You know what I am? "I harvested your soul!" I've never seen him! "I think the Red Menace would be interested in this space rock." - quest_step8_7 The dangers presented by such symptoms cannot be understated. I am coming for you!”, *Takeo 1.0 is sitting on the floor of his cell*, Takeo Masaki: “We believe that rescue, or escape, would soon find us. "We must free Samantha from her prison!" If you ask me, something definitely ain't right here. !Takeo Masaki:  We know not where Richtofen has traveled, but I believe his experiences have... changed him.Tank Dempsey:  Wherever he's been, whatever he's been through, I'm not sure Richtofen is any less crazy than before.Takeo Masaki:  Mysteries will reveal themselves in time. "What genius could build such a magnificent structure?" Edward Richtofen:  "Ah, yes. One message that must be remembered at all costs. "I have finished the calculations, launch protocol initiated. Always taking." "You know, I never liked how that little brat never told us how anything worked. Please secure all personal belongings and take your seat, now departing for the H.A.A.R.P. The date on the forms says November 5th, last year. "Ich bin ein DEATH!" The man in the mirror, in another place, another time, our allies are filled with confidence and bravado. *inaudible*!!" Lalalalalalala." Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. "I don't know who Jim Bowie was, but he must've been big and long and sharp." Can I keep the puppies too, father?Dr. This is fucking crazy." "If the German Army ever gets enough of these, we'll be defeated before the year's out." "Why they call this place Paradise Ranch is beyond me, the desert sucks!" Log entry 1471 The children are gone and the house still feels empty. We advise all individuals to monitor their fellow survivors, for the signs of the above symptoms, paranoia in particular. - spawn_dog_4 The riddles drove Maxis out of his mind." "I will not listen to you. "This may be the technology of the future!" If you free me, I will help you minimize the damage that he will inevitably cause." - wpck_sniper_1 He became convinced that her voice had a message from the ancients. "Who the fuck is teddy?" !Jack Vincent:  Come on you flying shitheads, I'm ready for for ya! I loathe it. "I wonder... did early tests involve real monkeys?" - rare_2 *Teleporter is activated*Dr. Edward Richtofen: Searching for vitals. - kill_shrunken_1 *The real zombie throws the fake one to the ground, picks up George A. Romero and runs away with him*Michael Rooker: That ain't in the script.Danny Trejo: We're writing a new one! *Samantha screams*Samantha Maxis:  What's wrong with her? I've got nothing to wear!" - kill_drone_d_3 - kill_sickle_2 Ya lol. Wait is that a plane I hear. Setting a puny fire will not be enough, it must reach an extreme temperature. Until then, this lab will have to do. "I wish my monkey were here to enjoy this with me!" At the same time, Mao announced another target for the Great Leap Forward. Goodbye Gersch, it would've been good to know you!" We will see the undead in higher numbers." As expected, my memory's slipping. Their energy will destroy you." "Jeremy's junk, that stunk!" - rare_response_devil_00 While you're here, show our partners some love! I'll just say I found it." It is my dearest hope that we may some day set things right and prevent these terrible events from ever unfolding. The others left me, I'm all alone, help! For some reason, no matter the pain, he was always so respectful. - gem_giant_04 "This V-R11 shall yield to me all their secrets." - rare_teleporter_sick_01 Automated Voice: 60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94 (Tunguska Meteor Event coordinates) ", "Devil box took pity on your stupid ass. "Grand Canyon dead ahead. I possess an artifact that will help us on our journey.Nikolai Belinski:  You can never wash away the blood on your hands, Richtofen. ""Wonder if this thing shoots 115, too. Today was a good day. "When I find your master, I'm killin' him." Men working on the installation of the generators reported seeing ancient figures emerging from the mound. I do not see how he could have made it this far." "Just as Maxis predicted, they think I am one of them!" "Perhaps these are the weapons of tomorrow!" All that work and all we did was blow up the Earth? - egg_response_9, "Have we met?" As far as I can tell, you're in the clear. Because they've been paid off, or because they're too damn scared? I alone have been chosen; chosen for some higher.. higher purpose, beyond the understanding of mere mortal men! Portable power devices are running out. Goodbye, Doctor Maxis." "Is this your doing Samantha? Look at this. "That box of lies comes right out of the Bermuda Triangle! "You're evil here, no more!" "Maxis was right, he knew the true power of the staffs!"


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