National Guard Dependents – For purposes of pay and allowance a dependent is: The 2020 Military Pay Tables can be found here. See current, present and future compensation by selecting different pay scale years. You will be provided approximate compensation based on your personalized inputs. Simply enter your paygrade, years of service, and if you receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), your Duty Station ZIP code and number of dependents. The amount is tied to each person's rank or "paygrade," and is the minimum amount a service member can expect to receive before taxes and any other deductions. Basic pay is taxable, unlike allowances and makes up the largest portion of compensation. Special Pay is capped at two additional earnings per month. Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS): BAS offsets the cost of a servicemember’s meal. With just a few taps or clicks, you can easily determine how much military pay you will make before taxes, both now and in the future. Use the Military Pay Calculator to estimate military salary by rank, location, and the branch of service. Getting ready to move? Those can include Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) based on location, a clothing allowance and more. Travel Restrictions Installation Status Update, US Army Cadet Command 1st Brigade, Fort Knox, Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) Calculator, The number indicates the level of pay for each letter where “1” is the beginning level of pay, Unable to support oneself because of mental or physical incapacity, and is dependent on the servicemember for more than half of the child’s support, Under 23, enrolled full-time in an institution of higher education and is dependent on the servicemember for more than half of the child’s support, Dependent on the servicemember for more than half of the parent’s support, Natural, stepparent or adoptive parent of servicemember or spouse. Basic Pay and Subsistence Allowance (BAS) are calculated based on paygrade, and your Housing Allowance (BAH) is determined by zip code and dependants. Basic military pay amounts are set by law and are the same for each branch of the military. The military has a wide variety of benefits ranging from complete health care to commissary and exchange shopping.
The powerful FederalPay Military Pay Calculator allows you to easily calculate yearly military compensation. Use the Military Pay Calculator to estimate military salary by rank, location, and the branch of service. Taxable and tax-free portions are separated for convenience. Enlisted members get full BAS but pay for all meals including those provided by the government. Typically, BAH totals are higher in metropolitan areas than in rural area assignments. Getting promoted or deployed? BAH rates are based on duty zip code. Marine Corps TriCare Compensation can be toggled to show monthly and annual earnings. Troops also typically receive a variety of allowances on top of their military pay. Knowing which pay is tax-free can help estimate income tax advantages. BRS Comparison Calculator BRS Calculator High-3 Calculator Final-Pay Calculator REDUX Calculator RMC Calculator SCAADL Calculator Benefits. If you're not yet in the service, start by looking at E-1, the amount you'll be paid during Basic Training. Thrift Savings Plan

The new Blended Retirement System (BRS) goes into effect on January 1, 2018. Taxable and tax-free portions are separated for convenience. Military members may also receive other special pay amounts tied to their specific military jobs or deployment. Adjust your information, and see what you'll make.

Use this military pay calculator to see your current compensation or to determine compensation based on a change in rank, service years, location or number of dependents. There are several factors that might shift the amount including dependents, time in service, and special pay. The Military Pay Calculator is the perfect tool to help you figure out just how much you make as a U.S. service member.

For example, a deployed Special Forces soldier with a family stationed in a high cost-of-living area will bring home a lot more pay in the form of allowances and special pays than an unmarried soldier of the same rank with a desk job in Oklahoma. Special Pay: Service members can earn additional Special Pay through specialty positions or missions. Coast Guard, DFAS Easily view current annual and monthly compensation and what if scenarios such as a BAH pay increase for getting married. Calculators. FederalPay maintains updated pay charts for most types of military compensation. The calculator includes all Regular Military Compensation (RMC) including Base Pay, BAH, BAS and which portions that are taxable and tax-free. Years of Service – The numbers of years a servicemember has served. Death Gratuity New Retired Benefits Program Office of the Actuary Savings Deposit Program Separation Pay … Military OneSource The pay calculator is meant to provide an idea of total income, and should not be used to determine actual salary. Veteran Affairs Military Pay Calculator Use the Military Pay Calculator to see your current, past and proposed future military pay by rank, location and branch of service. Pay amounts are tied to paygrade. The tables below reflect the monthly base pay for all military members, while our military pay calculator can compute your personalized base pay plus allowances and special pays. While the different services often customize the names of their ranks, all of those ranks are tied to that same paygrade chart.

The tools on this page are use to preform calculations. You can also reset the calculator’s results by adjusting the factors.

The military pay calculator factors in all of those pays in one easy-to-use place. The pay … Service members receive a base salary set by law. Navy


The Military Pay Calculator is the perfect tool to help you figure out just how much you make as a U.S. service member. Duty Station is the Town/City, County and State in which a service member works. WarriorCare. Pay Scale Year – Military compensation typically increases each year.

For example, if you receive BAH, getting married or adding child can increase compensation. Both soldiers, however, will have the same base pay. Army Explore the new system and your options if you’re a currently serving service member. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH): A housing allowance for servicemembers.

Factor in the BAH for your new ZIP code. The best way to figure out how much the military pays is to use the military pay calculator or check military pay charts. IRS While knowing your basic military pay rate may be easy enough, it's much harder to understand how all of the special allowances, including Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), impact what you take home each month. Note: Adding a dependent is a one time increase, additional dependents does NOT increase Regular Military Compensation (RMC).


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