You know what is in store. – Manmadhudu 2 opens in Portugal. – Sam and Avantika’s contract period is coming to an end. What you get as a result is the same film as ‘original’ with a different package instead of a ‘different’ one with the soul of the original intact. She said that Rakul has turned an iron leg these days, implying that the Manmadhudu-2 actress brought bad luck. That is Manmadhudu 2 in short. Rakul has done a decent job. Also Read: Sampoornesh On Box Office Rampage: Kobbari Matta Third Day Collections, Also Read: Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Fourth Week Elimination List: 7 Contestants in Danger Zone. What Is the Film About? Avantika moves into Sam’s (Nag) home. Telugu actress Sri Reddy is not new to controversies. Zero emotional connection. The audience won’t mind if that is the case. She started targeting Rakul after she the actress' comments on casting couch in the film industry. Comparing the sequel with the super hit prequel, the latter had good music and some evergreen melodies like ‘Gundello Emundo Kallallo Telusthundi’. Absolute lack of nativity How he escapes it with a master-plan involving a girlfriend for rent is what the movie is all about. It is highly predictable and clichéd, but given all that has transpired before, it comes across as a significant relief. Telangana Rashtra Samiti's Car dealt with a massive jolt for the first time ever since... Pushpa Team Makes Elaborate Exercise for Allu Arjun's Look. Will Be A Mass Exodus of Leaders from TRS to BJP? Writing More than anything, the problem is the derivativeness of the entire work. ఆమెతో పాటు మరో అందమైన హీరోయిన్ కూడా ఈ చిత్రంలో నటించనుంది. That the audience will be thrilled at Telugu actors mouthing a different language? Watching his sophomore attempt, we can’t help but recollect a part of the interview for Manmadhudu 2 that he gave in the run-up to the release. Sri Reddy in her FB jibe hinted that had Anasuya Bharadwaj been cast in the movie instead, she would have brought luck. Final twenty minutes (when compared with the rest), Drawbacks? Full Drama On Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Abhijeet Hurt By Harika's Hug, Divi Hits A Jackpot, Bags Two Web Series After Bigg Boss Stint, No Host Change In Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Popular Actor Could Be A Guest On Diwali Episode, Ravi Teja Launches Akshith Shashi Kumar’s Seethaayanam Teaser, AP Govt's Swift Action In Nandyal Suicide Case. Why Dubbaka Loss Will Hurt TRS More Than What Anyone Can Imagine? They all have decent parts, but nothing works out as far as giving an engaging and satisfying outing goes. Rahul Ravindran seems to know this very well and packs the movie with comedy in the manner described above. After a plain interval bang, the second half resumes with the same inane narrative of the first one. It goes well with the terrain, so there is nothing to complain really. That’s what ‘Manmadhudu 2’ is going to bank upon. Keep watching this space, folks! – Manmadhudu 2 comes to an end. – Sam’s (Nag) wedding called off as per the plan. She said that Rakul has turned an iron leg these days, implying that the Manmadhudu-2 actress brought bad luck. Sri Reddy Prediction: Will Saaho Be Hit Or Flop? Sri Reddy took to Facebook to comment, "Rakul preet di iron leg ..papam ma babai cinema heroine annappude How Is Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Performance? Sri Reddy took to Facebook to comment, "Rakul preet di iron leg ..papam ma babai cinema heroine annappude decided idhi disaster ani..anasuya aite super hit ayyedhi.." Her snide remarks at Rakul Preet suggest that the top movie actress has been responsible for the poor show of the film at the box office. రాహుల్ రవీంద్రన్ డైరెక్ట్ చేస్తున్న ఈ చిత్రంలో యంగ్ హీరోయిన్ రకుల్ ప్రీత్ సింగ్ హీరోయిన్‌గా నటిస్తోంది. Direction by Rahul Ravindran? A lot depends on how director Rahul Ravindran had indianized the adaptation of the super hit film from French, ‘I Do’. It is only brought up because the effort put on apparel isn’t visible on the acting. Alternative Take Nothing works as the writing is bland and the comedy falls flat. A couple of them do sound well, but that’s about it. Overall, Manmadhudu 2 is a misfire. The film is making decent collections at the box office, but analysts say that given the billing of the film its show at the box office was below par. So, you have a film that is eighty percent comedy and is relentless in its efforts but doesn’t work. Vennela Kishore manages to be an occasional relief, though, with his current extraordinary form. Part of the reason is also the relatability to the content which has been missing previously. Vennela Kishore works as his personal assistant. Manmadhudu 2 Review -A New Age Comedy That Falls Flat. It is here the issue of remake surfaces. Manmadhudu Cast & Crew - Get Telugu movie Manmadhudu cast and crew, star cast details and information. Music and Other Departments? Interval. Rakul Preet and Others? It is a failure from the writing perspective more than anything. If the new age comedy works, it means, the movie will also work. The background score is decent, at best. A film with a wafer-thin plotline relying heavily on comedy needs to have the writing of highest order. Audiences are expecting to watch an ‘F 2’ kind of entertaining movie and if Rahul delivers on this front, there would be no looking back. It needs to be on the mark from the word go and relentless and engaging so that the story takes a back seat. This present movie has no chartbuster song and therefore, the music album can be given a miss. The teaser, trailer and the promotional material had garnered good attention for the movie in every aspect. Few comedy scenes Entertainment   |   What’s streaming on OTT? Rakul Preet Singh gets a normal heroine part with a slight difference.


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