Based on my experience and from what I've seen other users post elsewhere. Experience an epic open world brought to life by the award-winning Nemesis System. Requires online connection." Follow the comments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Didn't play it. Forge a new Ring of Power, conquer... LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features an original story crossing the entire Marvel Universe. Mad Max Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. for 1 hour 25 minutes you'll earn 8 scrap per crew). She wasn't even that pretty. Damn, I don't think I can squeeze in the time to plat this at this point and now it looks like I never will. The Scrap Crew is one of the Projects you can complete by doing Missions and gathering Project Parts in Mad Max. got all the scrap crews, this is the only thing left for me to 100% the game. For any potential players this fall, you can knock off the online requirements in about a week. Agree with what others said here, would be great if they could somehow patch out trophies that are affected by these decisions. You will always earn the … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In LEGO® CITY Undercover, play as Chase McCain, a police officer who's been tasked with going underco... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. This Mad Max Guide – How To Get Posted September 4, 2015 by Blaine Smith When you boot the game back up, the Scrap attained by your Scrap Crew gets tallied. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I have tried timing it and have gotten the scrap after 20mins, after 30mins, 50mins...etc. #7. Looks like finishing this game just bumped up to the top of my to-do list. Had to do some serious solo grinding with two PS3s in empty DLC rooms to get "Expert of War. Easy peasey. Regular scrap gains at a rate based on the number of camps held, the level of the camps completion, plus a metric measured on miles drive, areas visited and enemies killed. Took like 100hrs and only got $2.00 when I sold it to EB games. For Mad Max on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "scrap crew". Scrap is the main currency in Mad Max and is used to purchase upgrades for your Magnus Opus , Max himself and other rewarding elements such as Stronghold projects. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The primary collectors of scrap are the various camps around the Wasteland, each one possessing 4-10 piles of scrap, each one granting a varied amount, 2-12 pieces, of the precious resource. Little less grief for players. All allied camps will periodically (about every 20 minutes) deliver scrap to Max. A Penny Saved - collect 500 pieces of Scrap with the help of Scrap crew. No glitch by this time, a lot of grinding. Every time you are out of the game, your Scrap Crews accrue Scrap (the game’s currency). But, the petrol is useless without something for it to power. Currently have 2 scrap crews, which got me 112 scrap in around 7/8 hours overnight and 250 overall. Does fast travel affect it? When you boot the game back up, the Scrap attained by your Scrap Crew gets tallied. Seems like I have to bump it up the list. Various personae actively seek out sources of the liquid, while others prefer to take from the rest. Only takes about 8-9 hours of gameplay, then you can set up multiple Scrap Crews to earn the two online challenges (which are required for a gold trophy). Metal detector - collect 10 000 Scrap. Does the xbone have to be off of instant-on mode? Most importantly, driving Dog around rapidly increases scrap as dogs love driving and the developers love dogs. I played it for a day, got bored and deleted it. never been able to sign into WB on Mad Max, so maybe that is what is slowing things down. I rented this years ago and liked it so I bought it at a black friday sale. Good luck to those who go for it. After about 8 hours with Jeets Stronghold fully upgraded I got around 200 scrap when I got back on the game with the Scrap Crew project. Got it from PS+ and still didn't play it. The chart of my reactions over time as I read each bit of this post would be hilarious. Also, I'm sorry for saying she wasn't that pretty. You need 2500 to complete the two challenges. There is no way to increase the rate at which each crew collects. The Scrap Crew is one of the Projects you can complete by doing Missions and gathering Project Parts in Mad Max.

im having issues with this trophy. Oh, and I have no idea how scrap works. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Getting in and out of your car also increases scrap. Saw this news last week and finally restarted it. Testing it after an hour or so, I was getting around 11-12 scrap, so it seems to vary a bit. This will speed up the process and save you a hell of a lot of time.

The Wasteland is a desolate place, where the most valuable resource around is petrol. Large amounts of scrap can be earned by either driving enemy vehicles back to a stronghold, where they are disassembled and added to Max's collection, or by driving into the deadly sandstorms that occasionally tear across the Wasteland, which occasionally pick up and deposit special parcels called Muthaloot, which can have anywhere from 100-200 scrap within. These scrap crews started collecting maybe 20 hours ago and I played the game for a few hours during this time. Guess I'll be trying to learn how to get 'A Penny Saved' and 'Dividend' ASAP. Thanks for the advanced warning. Only when you actually exit the game will it work. A man like Max knows the value of having spare parts on hand. As a side question: After how long do the storms appear in game without going out of map.

", Think they should patch it so you don’t have todo it. That was just mean. Heard there was a timer for that too. Wasn't planning on going for this plat any time soon.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. If it's still running, even when you turn off the xbone, you will not receive the scrap. Here is some good news! Good luck to those trying! Does it reset when you exit/restart game? how do use chumbucket's buggy with dinki di. 4 Project Parts .

It's such a shame when this happens. I start to play to obtain my platinum and I already get it!!! Every time you are out of the game, your Scrap Crews accrue Scrap (the game’s currency). "Assemble a crew that will collect Scrap while the game is turned off. PerryToxteth can I add u? So, alongside his ally and "devotee" Chumbucket, Max will collect various bits and bobs to construct and reinforce the ultimate vehicular weapon, the Magnum Opus. Thanks for the advice!!! This can be carried further with the improvement of the regional stronghold, specifically the "Cleanup Crew".

There are two types of camp scrap, basic base camp, and scrap crew which only adds up when you're away from the game but still online. There are two types of camp scrap, basic base camp, and scrap crew which only adds up when you're away from the game but still online. The servers for Mad Max will be shutting down on 31st October 2020 (as spotted on the PlayStation Store by TrueTrophies)., giving you more than a month to nab the 'Up To the Task' trophy.


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