Made exactly as written. And, it doesn’t feel grainy like a lot of cakes made with almond flour. If you’re looking for a full size cake please try this recipe: For your convenience in re-creating our Keto Lemon Mug Cake at home, we’ve included shop-able ad links to some of the products and supplies used. It really rounds out the lemon flavor so you don’t feel like you’re just eating a lemon juice cake. The lemon juice soaks into the batter and makes the batter ultra-moist. This low carb and keto-friendly mug cake is bursting with lemon flavor. (The cooking time in your microwave may vary heavily depending on what microwave and what settings you're using.). Add the remaining ingredients and mix until just combined. Low carb, gluten free, keto and suitable for diabetics. In a small bowl mix the powdered erythritol, heavy cream, and lemon juice until smooth. However, anything that is lemon-flavored steals my heart and is often my go-to dessert craving. A point I want to mention though is that the icing will dry out rather quickly when you store the mug cake in your fridge, that’s why I recommend making it fresh whenever you want to eat your mug cake. This starter bundle includes Exogenous Ketone Base, Keto Collagen, MCT Oil Powder, and Ketone Testing Strips which bis everything you need to start your keto supplementation journey. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read our privacy policy for further information. Try this delicious almond flour mug cake recipe for a quick&easy treat. Make sure to dust the top with powdered sweetener sugar. Using all coconut flour instead of almond flour makes this cake light while being moist. Thanks for sharing! A: The short answer is: I don’t, and I can tell you why. You certainly can share this keto lemon mug cake if you want to. Love it!!!! We moved house a couple of … Check out my list of the best keto product that will make your keto journey more enjoyable. Your credentials, their logging, the E-Mail transmission as well as the statistic analysis of your reading behavior are being processed by the American E-Mail Marketing service provider "Mailchimp".You can read more about this in my Privacy Policy. Enjoy warm or cold, both options taste great! But especially with citrus recipes, it makes a huge difference. This easy recipe is low carb, gluten-free, nut-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and Trim Healthy Mama friendly. I love developing recipes to suit my lifestyle as I’ve been keto for over 6 years now and lucky for you, I love to share them! Coconut flour is highly absorbent so you need to make sure you don’t add too much or it will make the cake dry. Through this blog, we share our eating adventures and recipes. Appetizers & Snacks I’m glad you enjoyed! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Sugar Free Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins The cake will not be able to asborb all the lemon juice and will not rise properly without it. Low Carb Dark Chocolate Zucchini Muffins, Thanks Lis. 1 serving has 3g net carbs. Maybe you want to try to eliminate as many carbs as you can from your diet. The kitchen has always been a joy filled place in my life. I’m not sure why you were having issues with the rating, Can I find erythritol sweetener in a regular grocery store, some grocery stores like Whole Foods carry Swerve. If there happens to be leftover mug cake left, you can save it instead of tossing it out. Try to stick to a standard shaped mug. Whisk until you get a smooth and chunk-free dough. So far I’ve made low carb snickerdoodle mug cake, blueberry mug cake, peanut butter mug cake, and brownie mug cake, just to name a few. Microwave for about 1.5 minutes until fluffy and moist but not wet. Check out my recipes and you’ll discover that there doesn’t have to be compromise when it comes to cutting the carbs out of your life. However, anything that is lemon-flavored steals my heart and is often my go-to dessert craving. It is made with almond flour and coconut flour making it low carb and keto approved, plus it’s topped with a sugar free glaze. This perfect single-serving sized dessert is great for all occasions and simple to make. You can read more about this in my Privacy Policy.Thank you for supporting my site! Wait until you see how easy this keto lemon mug cake is to make. Ohh my..... Gate crashers! You can set it on the counter ahead of time, so it softens or toss it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so. In a small bowl add the coconut flour, almond flour, erythritol, baking powder, and lemon zest. Subscribe for Free Recipes to Your Inbox! The cake can be topped with toppings of your choice. Soooo good! It is made with almond flour and coconut flour making it low carb and keto approved, plus it’s topped with a sugar free glaze. Keto White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins I love to eat my mug cakes straight from the mug/ramekin that it is cooked in. You probably have many of them in your kitchen right now! Modified: Sep 6, 2020. Absolutely delicious! It’s even better than I ever could have imagined and knew I wanted to share it with all of you right away. All of them are healthy, delicious and low carb! Grease a large microwave-safe mug, bowl or ramekin and pour in the batter. Required fields are marked *. All Rights Reserved. Indulge in a sweet and tart keto lemon mug cake that is low-carb and gluten-free. This perfect single-serving sized dessert is great for all occasions and simple to make. Note that the recipe is based on Australian tablespoons (20 gms) that are larger than other tablespoon measures (15 gms). Looking for more delicious Keto mug recipes; try our; To make a larger batch of this Keto Lemon Mug Cake recipe adjust the servings above. Eager for more delicious keto treats? Thank you for your kind words! A broad rule of thumb: Approx. Super lemon taste, perfect fluffy texture. What a great treat! Homemade Keto Sugar Free Bounty Bars Switch any heavy/pure cream in the recipe with coconut cream and top your mug cake with whipped coconut cream or coconut yogurt. These Keto Black and White Cookies are perfect for the holidays – delicious, easy & fun to make and only 0.6g net carbs per cookie! This lemon mug cake is sweet and bright and reminds me of lemonade and summer. Join my newsletter list to get notified about new recipes! Make sure you check out the simple tweaks that can be made to this recipe in the recipe notes. Ready in 5 min and only 1.6g net carbs per serving! This cake gets its lemon flavor from both lemon juice and lemon zest. Print Recipe Pin … This cake cooks in the microwave in less than 2 minutes! To make sure there is enough lemon flavor throughout, I added a little bit of lemon zest to the top of the cake before cooking it. Here are a few ideas: Sure! Only 3g net carbs! Very good! The Best Keto Vanilla Cupcakes If you don't know the Wattage power of your microwave I'd recommend baking your mug cake for a shorter time period (60 seconds) first and continue baking for a few more seconds if needed. The lemon zest really enhances the lemon flavor throughout the cake. It’s such a versatile recipe, that with a couple of simple additions you can create lemon poppy seed, lemon blueberry or lemon coconut mug cakes. This Low Carb cake recipe is so easy and ready in less than 5 minutes! When I wrote my mug cake cookbook* a few years ago, I felt like I exhausted every flavor combination possible for a regular mug cake. If you buy something through one of those links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Run a knife around the edges to help release it from the container and flip out onto a flat plate. I find it cheaper to buy on Amazon or at Costco. Follow the same steps as above. Omit the lemon syrup and top simply with whipped cream, Greek yogurt or a. Perfect for when you want a delicious treat to go with coffee, for breakfast or for a dessert. This mug cake recipe is light and fluffy with a vibrant lemon flavor that pairs perfectly with fresh berries and a cup of tea. Your email address will not be published. Heat it for 10 -20 seconds and enjoy it! Cook the cake in the microwave for about 1 minute and 40 seconds. Delicious ~ very satisfying. It's super easy to make and a light dessert that's low carb and sugar free. So good! **(I try to be as accurate as possible with the nutrition information below, but values may vary because of natural occurring fluctuations and different products used.). You can test if your mug cake is completely cooked by pricking the center with a toothpick - if it comes out "clean" it's ready! White Chocolate Cranberry Seven Layer Bars. Even though I’m a bit biased towards erythritol, you can use other granulated keto-friendly sweeteners that won’t spike your blood sugar as well, but be aware that you may have to add more or less sweetener if you do so. And so quick. In a microwave-safe mug that can hold at least 8 oz of liquid, add all mug cake ingredients except lemon zest. . Prevent temptation by making just one or two cakes at a time. Seriously good. Click on US customary for the smaller tablespoon conversion. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "tinkerabout12-20"; A little bit will give you so much lemon and lime flavor in every bite! Because of it’s natural origin and natural production process (fermentation with a certain kind of yeast) I also consider erythritol to be paleo-friendly! The lemon juice tends to sink a little towards the lower half of the cake. Mix the powdered erythritol, lemon juice, and heavy cream and pour it over the finished keto lemon mug cake. Please come visit again as I continue to post recipes, great keto information, tip guides, and forming the best keto recipe lists on the internet. In a separate small bowl, combine the dairy free milk with the egg and whisk with the lemon extract. This way of eating doesn’t have to be restrictive  with limited food choices. Thank you for reading my awesome Keto Lemon Mug Cake recipe. This super easy sugar-free keto peanut butter mousse will satisfy your sweet cravings on the ketogenic diet with only 3.6g net carbs per serving! The Best Keto Chocolate Cupcakes Mix with a small whisk until batter is smooth. Add the egg, butter (or oil) and lemon juice to the dry ingredients mixing until well combined. Let’s get started: First Step: Combine softened butter, lemon extract, sour cream, egg, sweetener, coconut flour, and baking powder in a microwave-safe mug or small bowl. Discover how to make the most of the wonderful array of low carb foods that are available, and learn how to make simple but great tasting, healthy food. Your email address will not be published. What I love about mug cake recipes is that you remove temptation by only making small batches. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which your body can’t digest.If you ingest it, it won’t spike your blood sugar & it won’t release insulin (which is a good thing if you want to stay in ketosis).


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