I handed him a copy of an old NY Times article (one of MANY) showing him the bad things people used to say of women in pants. Sex differences occur in anatomically distinct items like athletic supporters and bras. If you need help or advice, you can ask Yin & Yang. He may be a wonderful lover who is comfortable with many kinds of sex. He also hid it during his first marriage of 51 years as it probably would have jeopardized the marriage. My ex & her friends even took me to the hair salon & had my hair cut, styled & colored then we went to the nail salon where I got acrylic nails. At the time it was actually against the law in Britain, so it was not something a male could easily do. If you are finding the whole thing hard to process then perhaps some couples’ counselling might help. When I'm alone with my husband I like to dress my husband with my girls old school clothes with a whig, and I put make up on him and as he's smaller and thiner than me he manages to wear my old tartan school skirts with butoned suspenders with a beret and a tie and long wollen socks now I've got a crush on him in my girl's clothes,and every week end I take my husband in the forest,and make love with him … 7. You may find your new boyfriend’s unusual sexual request to be worth trying, or it might feel extremely uncomfortable. Was not that long ago I worked with a lady that wore a tie and tourers to work every day as she was a manager and though the way to be a good manger and get respect was dress like a man. From the first time I found out I said I would take my baby away if he does it again, and even with what I said he still risked us to do that and to keep from me that he is bisexual for such a long time. For example, he might tell you he “only occasionally” wears lingerie when he’s actually testing the waters to see if you might be accepting of more extreme behavior. All of this behaviour is normal and only a reaction to social pressures. I don’t know if I can trust him anymore as I don’t want to be hurt again and me end up leaving him in however many years and it affect our child more as he will be older. That curse still binds on men however. However I can understand what a shock this must be for you and how you might find it distasteful but it does NOT mean he doesn't love you and it does NOT mean he is gay and it is NOT a joke. Your task, as you decide whether or not to stay in this relationship, is to determine which kind of man he is and whether or not either is acceptable to you. My husband gets ***** and hook up emails all the time.. should i be worried?

In the bedroom, many people try on other identities.

Early in our marriage he confessed to me his pleasure of wearing women… I am also sure there must be books on the subject or look on the internet under cross dressing.


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