Before it opened in 2018, Hong Kong transport minister Frank Chan Fan was confident the rail link would be profitable from day one, and would not incur losses. A few minutes later, I received the confirmation email. As of this week that’s no longer the case, certainly as far as the rail network is concerned. We hope things can get back to normal as soon as possible. Last year it posted a revenue of almost HK$2.1 billion with a total ridership of 16.9 million, and rental revenue of an estimated HK$350 million, according to its annual report. A little disappointed. I will have to go to Beijing from Hong Kong next week. Through Trains. After travelling on the Maglev in Shanghai (431km/hr), the High Speed Rail seemed slow, zooming along at only 246km/hr! Hong Kong MTR Corp’s losses top HK$2.2 billion from suspension of high-speed rail link during pandemic AseanPlus News Sunday, 08 Nov 2020 All information and transactions are denominated in Hong Kong and HK authentic Please note that the time is now booking tickets can only be purchased via telephone lines in Guangdong / online, all online ticketing service by ordering tickets must be collected in Hong Kong. If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness traditional dragon boat trainings or live fish trade in action! You have been really helpful. The latter were particularly impressive! By MTRPassengers can take MTR to Kowloon Station or Austin Station first, and then walk to West Kowloon Rail Station through pedestrian zones, footbridges and underground passages. They send your request to their ticket office and will give you booking number after their ticket office booked your ticket well. The traditional lifestyle shared among fishermen or Tanka people with many antique junks and sampans are juxtaposed against fleets of luxury yachts and towering skyscrapers. Every time when we need to buy the tickets, we will submit the order online directly and confirmation will come soon. slow, zooming along at only 246km/hr! Estimated Taxi Cost between West Kowloon Train Station and: 1. Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. Or you only accept cash payment? The travel time is about 25 minutes and ticket price is HKD100 for a single trip. Having taken the slower trains up to Beijing and Shanghai in the past, and seen people plucking vegetables grown a blade’s length beyond the wheels, this country of sound barriers and scything engines tells you much about modern China’s capability. When I first began traipsing about on China’s railways, I had difficulty spotting the names of stations to write in my notebook. The service was affected last year by the sharp drop in the number of mainland visitors following months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong. I am allocating my GLOVE profit to FREIGHT to hedge vaccine news. Also are the waiting area and lounge 24 hours open? There is ticket counters inside the west kowloon station, it is easy to use for ticket collection. The tunnels and bridges that could change the world, Trundling through Europe on the overnight jazz train to Berlin, The iconic Brighton Belle is returning after 50 years (with wider seats to handle expanding girths), Travelling back in time on a train journey through Portugal, The 50 greatest train journeys for 2020 – in Britain and beyond, The making of Russia's most luxurious train, The ultimate rail map of Europe – 124 great cities you can reach by train from London in a day, The glaring problem with telling British holidaymakers to go flight-free. Security at the train station was intense, so it is best to allow plenty of time, similar to an airport. Taiwanese restaurant Chun Shui Tong is among tenants at the terminus that have had their rents waived, but said its losses were still piling up. Thanks for your good service, tickets were refunded without any problem. Security at the train station was intense, so it is best to allow plenty of time, similar to an airport. About High Speed Rail; High Speed Rail; Hong Kong West Kowloon Station; High Speed Rail User Guide; Latest News; Overview; Download Luke Sir's High Speed Rail Leisure Guide; 12306 online ticketing service; Parking Charges & Park-and-Ride Discount Offer; Ticketing Information; Cross Boundary Ticket; 12306 online ticketing service Private Airport Transfer: from Hong Kong to... HONG KONG Airport Private Transfer Service. i bought a business class ticket , A high speed train service linking Hong Kong with two nearby mainland Chinese cities is set to start operation. I have travelled twice with CRH train from Beijing – Xi’an & Xi’an-Chengdu. HK West Kowloon Station Ticket counter hours? These days, China’s new high-speed stations don’t bother with the cloak of anonymity: they’re statement architecture, like something from The War of the Worlds straddling the countryside. You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. After travelling on the Maglev in Shanghai (431km/hr), the High Speed Rail seemed. Overall trip was okay, but service standards much to be desired. MTR Corp and KCRC would discuss the payment at a later date, she said, depending on how the Covid-19 situation developed, and when the rail link’s services could resume. Tan KW   |    Publish date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020, 4:47 PM, More articles on Good Articles to Share >>. Address: West No.1, Austin Road, Mong Kok . Buying tickets as a non local can be a challenge. A and F are the window seats and you won’t have to twitch aside the old lace curtains to gaze out of them. This Regional Express Railway (RER) proposal was developed in the 1994 “Railway Development Study” (RDS); it foresaw a continual growth of Hong Kong's population over the next two decades and strong demand for cross-border passenger traffic. The Hong Kong (SAR) Government commissioned a second Railway Development Study in March 1998. I submitted the order on APP. Can I collect my high speed tickets in advance? When we would like to change to an early train, your guys are very helpful and made a change for me. Some staff have remained at the terminus for regular security and maintenance work, while others were deployed to other MTR stations. A high-speed railway connecting Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, railway was brought up in the late 1990s by the Government of Hong Kong. Is it wrong to say that the G80 was a thrill? We will be arriving at Hong Kong International airport at 11pm and plan to take the Airport express to the West Kowloon station and pick up our train tickets as soon as we can. There were 5 seats only. It was easy and convenient to use their booking system. Greetings and thanks for the patience. The train is fast and comfortable. Our families had a great time in China in last November. Click to know more. The duration is about 45 minutes and ticket price is about HKD50.Further Reading:Hong Kong Trains, How to Buy High Speed Train Tickets in Hong Kong, How to Travel between Hong Kong and Dongguan, How to Travel between Hong Kong and Foshan, How to Travel between Hong Kong and Guilin & Yangshuo. Please go to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station or any Mainland stations to collect your tickets after booking. Questions & Answers on Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station. everybody was very, Convenient, but beware of being early/on time. We have received our tickets from the hotel concierge. No, there is no direct one to Shantou station, but OK to Chaoshan Station.


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