It has been my experience that these utterly racist depictions normally occur near the middle of the longer (say 50 minute) runs of nursery rhymes and they are easy to miss unless you are sitting with the child and looking at the screen with them. Thanks for your sharing your opinion, Anonymous. "Five Little Monkeys" is an English language folk song and fingerplay. I started watching this horrible cartoon called Dave and Ava and wstched this 5 little monkeys. "....-snip-There are no comments to date for that article. I'm so glad I'm not the only one watching Dave and Ava and thinking oh my gosh they are portraying the black family as monkeys! It is extremely racist. I mentioned it to my mother who put it together...I now bypass all those nursery rhymes. OMG!!! There is no known origin of the song, due to it being a modern nursery rhyme. I wasn't sure what to do, as my son loves the song and likes to sing it, etc. I don't think they would be irresponsible or be idiots to portray something like this. I was mortified and couldn't understand why she was so adamant. Thank you! One fell off and bumped his head, You promote it. The children will giggle when they hear the strange versions of the song you have chosen, and they will laugh at each new set of words. Recently Dave and Ava have replaced many of the songs that had the monkey family in them with a group of kittens including the 10 in the bed video, new version with kittens. "No more jumping on the bed!". It is depressing to watch such horrible Jim crow style programming being wrapped into a sweet modern looking format. I find their videos blatantly racist! My 19 month old daughter pointed to a group of African Americans and yelled "Monkeys!" [1][2][3], Eileen Christelow has written a series of books titled "Five Little Monkeys ..". Nyx Qualls,Thanks for your comment. The outer appearance nor the color of ones skin determines who a person really is inside. The Bible says "from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Im sorry but I dont find any trance of racist subliminal, in fact there was a baby African American doll being held by the caucasian baby girl. [4], The song has similar lyrics and tune to the first verse of the 1890s folk song "Shortnin' Bread. No one can change the word of God, no matter what other people think about you. In her nursery rhyme about subtraction, all 5 little Monkeys bump their heads off the bed where the doctor monkey warns his Monkey parents about not letting 5 little Monkeys jump their bed. One fell off and bumped his head, I was saw the dave and eva five monkey family and thought it depicts black people as monkeys. No you're not alone! After that- the entire series is off the list of which cartoons my granddaughter can watch. Given the stereotype [in the USA and I think elsewhere] of Black people as monkeys I'm not thrilled about that depiction and would have preferred that the characters on the bus be drawn as some other animals and not monkeys. You may not have sung this song when you were little, but many people wish to add this part of the song because they believe that the song must conclude with all the monkeys falling off the bed. Dave and ava has by far been the best in my opinion at being catchy educational and fun for my little one and many others... Why pick apart somthing out of thier control? You tube must take it down with the apples and banana song as well. This comment was posted to in reply to my comment written on September 22, 2016Jaquelynn Herrera Azizi Powell • 3 days ago [October 9, 2016]"Agreed. Hopefully more people can be made aware so that we can guard against some of the stereotypical programming that seems to perpetuate itself across generations. Mother called the doctor and the doctor said, You may do the same for all the other monkeys, and the song becomes more interactive for your children. Dave and Ava's mother (stepmother?) So why bring it there? "Source: Southern Cook Book Of Fine Old Recipes, compiled & edited by Lillie S. Lnstig, S. Claire Sondheii, Sarah Rensel [with] decorations [illustrations] by H. Charles Kellui; published by Culinary Arts Press, Reading, Pennsylvania, 1935) ; republished on[page 34]The "n word" is fully spelled out in this song fragment and in other song fragments in that book.-snip-Most of the song fragments that are included in that 1935 cookbook are from Black American secular songs. I found the version of "Five Little Monkeys" that I show to my granddaughter: Five Little Monkeys | Family Sing Along - Muffin Songs The monkeys in this video aren't drawn with exaggerated Black facial features or so-called "Black" hairstyles such as female monkeys with multiple braids in their hair.Also, the monkeys don't laugh when one of them falls off the bed.If you know other animated examples of that song that you like, feel free to share them. )And it is not just Black Americans who have noted this and are letting others know about it. Here's my note about that comment: "There is no known origin of the song, due to it being a modern nursery rhyme. It's a cartoon. The variations on The Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed is a fantastic way for you to cover a number of words in the English language. You have covered a number of concepts in this song, and you will have a new crop of kids to share this song with every year when they enter your classroom. The drawing of the monkeys with their stereotypical Black hairstyles is appalling. Apples and bananas part 2 I believe it's called is one of them. Two little jumping on the bed, "No more jumping on the bed!" Over the years certain nursery rhymes have faded away and became less popular, but not this one. Anyway, it was so nice to find this terrific information and hear your very thoughtful ideas on the subject. I hadn't watched Dave and Ava's "Apples and Bananas" animation until you mentioned it in your comment.You are right. You're welcome, anonymous.I thought about publishing a post that includes examples of what I consider to be contemporary racially stereotypical children's cartoon animations, but instead I've decided to focus on presenting some historical and contemporary examples of positive Black culture. It is an incredible success not just for Ukrainian 3D animation but for all Ukrainian cinematography.Animation 'Dave and Ava' is 100% Ukrainian product: idea, plot, direction, team of 3D animators, composers, voice actors and financing. I've agree that Dave and Ava videos might be educational and fun. "No more jumping on the bed!" Quit grasping at straws. Dave and Ava's animators should be aware of the racist connotations in their cartoons and change those drawings, for all of our children's sake. I offer this series as an egregious example: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed | Nursery Rhymes Collection | Nursery Rhymes Dave and Ava although I usually LOVE chuchu TV's children's series (and my granddaughter loves those videos too), I dislike their version of Five Little Monkeys: addition to what I believe are negative racial depictions, I'm also concerned with some versions of "Five Little Monkeys" which show the other monkeys laughing when one of them falls out the bed and bumps his or her head.I can't find the version of "Five Little Monkeys" that I used to show my granddaughter (who I regularly babysit).


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