The Fios TV app ensures you can watch TV you’ve missed while you sit at the DMV, catch up on the first film of a series while you’re waiting in line to see the second, or savor a good show recorded on your DVR while you curl up in bed. Make sure your mobile device or computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast. WATCH OVER 10,000 LIVE COMPETITIONS ACROSS 20+ SPORTS, FEEL THE SWEAT WITH IN-DEPTH COVERAGE, DOCUMENTARIES AND TECHNIQUE VIDEOS. The experience across each platform varies more than it should. Stream On Demand, live TV, recorded shows, and more, Catch the best shows and movies on the go, Take your Fios TV service and DVR with you virtually anywhere you go. Or even try casting your DVR shows to it. Chromecast enabled apps let you stream movies, music and videos to your TV from your Pixel phone, Google Home, Pixel Slate or other device. Most of what I am finding is pretty old and possibly out of date. What do you mean? I did that two years ago and it has more than paid for itself over the course of tv in my apartment.. and on trips. The Fios TV app can be used with any compatible web-enabled mobile device, including tablets like iPads and Android and Apple smartphones of all makes, models, shapes, and sizes. No luck.

My assumption is Verizon and others don't want to lose profit from set top box rentals. I hate that they blocked this. Want to know what shows, games, and movies air tonight? Plus, you can access your DVR recordings, download premium content to watch offline, and watch On Demand movies, too. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!

How do the bad guys know whatever I am doing on this computer. The Fios TV app is your mobile companion to your Fios TV service and is available to all Fios TV subscribers.

While there are lots of apps that support Chromecast, you're limited in that you can't stream your iPad or iPhone home screen, nor can you open just any app and stream the whole thing to your TV. I am new to the whole streaming TV thing so I was just looking for someone that has more experience on this to shed some light on the optimal setup, or at least some of the options.

Everything about the Fios TV app is intuitive and easy to navigate, starting with the home menu. Also, it looks like the Fios app has different channel options than the web version. We may need additional information to determine Fios availability for your address. Cancel cable save money that's why you bought a Chromecast. Verizon Fios TV lets you watch TV from virtually anywhere with a Fios TV subscription. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Simply download the Fios TV app as soon as you sign up for Fios TV and get access to select Fios TV content even before your service gets installed.

Logging into their website or app actually gives you most of the big name channels, which I am more than happy with. Had FiOS no ability to cast and all signs point to no in the future. Streaming is app-specific, meaning that you must have an app that supports Chromecast to see the content on the TV.

My permanent solution (my folks have Fios and I don't pay for anything other than internet) was to spend the hundred bucks and get a Slingbox.. and attach it to the extra cable box in their guest room. Intuitive Search lets you sort by genre, actor, show name, network, rating, and more so you can find exactly what you want. TekSavvy TV - Chromecast from Android app and captions for Deaf; Best tablet for Chromecast; New combo box over at Cablevision ("Altice One") [TV… The Fios TV app takes your typical TV-watching experience to a new level. I argued out of my FiOS contract and reduced it to just internet. So I'm renting a place and want to use my existing Fios subscription to watch TV there. I also have the fios android app but it doesn't look like there is chromecast support in the app, so I have to cast the entire device to the TV which means my phone is out of commission or else I interrupt the stream.

Contact        FAQ       About FloSports       Privacy Policy       Terms of Use. Neither app has ever had native Chromecast support, and the "cast screen" feature in Android is blocked. Tabs for your DVR, downloads, purchased content, and bookmarks mean you can pull up the shows and movies you love most with a single swipe.

Remember, no matter how many on-the-go channels you stream, you can do so data-free when you use Verizon Wireless. Why can't I cast FiOS App from Tablet? Les applications compatibles Chromecast vous permettent de lire en streaming sur votre téléviseur des films, de la musique et des vidéos depuis un téléphone Pixel, un appareil Google Home, une Pixel Slate ou un autre appareil. 79. Over 10,000 live events with access to event replays, exclusive documentaries, and technique videos.

With TV apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, your sports finally have the viewing experience they deserve.

If you have a smart TV, use the app as a mobile remote control when you’re at home and cast whatever you’re watching onto the big screen. What's the deal there? I just wasn't sure of the best way to get that to my chromecast. Streaming the best entertainment shouldn’t take a chunk out of your data plan. By putting thousands of movies and hundreds of channels at your fingertips, the Fios TV app ensures you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want on any compatible mobile device—and it's included with your Fios TV … Manage your DVR, view On Demand, and download shows, no hassle necessary. AdamB_VZWFollow us on TWITTER @VZWSupportIf my response answered your question please click the _Correct Answer_ button under my response. The app also gives you remote DVR control so you can manage settings on the go. Don’t expect a steep learning curve the first time you open your Fios TV app. I don't really need all of the same channels. I set mine to YouTube TV as soon as I got it. With curated watchlists based on your viewing preferences, it won’t take you long to find your next favorite. T-Mobile Brings Home Internet Service To 130+ Locations; RIP Slingbox: Devices Will Stop Working By 2021; + more news, AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile Exceed Expectations Amid Pandemic; Shentel/T-Mobile Deal A Go, Final In 2Q21; + more news, Reps Ask FCC To Stop Controversial Items During Transition; Trudeau: High-Speed Internet For All By 2026; + more news, Ajit Pai Likely Out, Controversial Decisions Will Be Reversed; Verizon Expands, Extends MVNO Deals With Comcast, Charter, Goodbye Canadian Internet... we hardly knew you, Scientists 3D print microscopic Star Trek spaceship that moves on its, It's Time to Hang Up on Phone Transports for Authentication, Question regarding ISP dedicated static IPs and routers. Your app will show you featured movies, shows, and networks so you can quickly sort through your options for new entertainment. The Fios TV app gives you a totally comprehensive streaming experience.

Cast from your mobile device to your smart TV with the click of a button.

Not exactly. Anyone know if I can cast the Fios Mobile Tv app? I have a Nexus player and mi boxes from xiaomi. Download the app immediately after you sign up for Fios TV to watch shows even before your home service is installed. I have a chromecast but want to know the best way to utilize streaming live tv. For instance, TV Land is on the app, but not on the website. With a modern user interface (UI) and intuitive navigation, the Fios TV app provides effortless content discovery from our ever-increasing catalog of newly added networks and On Demand titles. Try casting a live broadcast TV show such as Fox 5 or something. STB needed for Custom TV for Local Channels. How do I cast Fios TV app to my Chromecast Ultra d..., With TV apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, your sports finally have the viewing experience they deserve. Instead, as soon as you become a Verizon customer, go to your preferred app store and create your account for immediate access to the best Fios TV can offer—no set-top box required. © 2012-2020 Rights ReservedClearlink Technologies, LLC5202 W Douglas Corrigan WaySte 300SLC, UT 84116.

Both are connected to the same wifi. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Need direction, please. Seems like it worked, then it didn’t for a while, and now might work again. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy. Along with enjoying live TV on the go, tap into hundreds of On Demand shows and thousands of movies whenever you like.

Was wondering if there was a workaround to it. Watching Fios TV at home?

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for everything about the Google chromecast, Press J to jump to the feed. What am I doing wrong?

You will never got all the same channels. I can cast it to my Apple TV just fine, There is no workaround AFAIK Verizon doesn’t want to lose stb $$. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just was curious if this would be able to help sell the savings in moving from Comcast to my fiancée a little more. I do recommend checking with the developer to see if this is something that is allowed for that particular app or if it will only allow certain content to be case. If you want to stay with cable and cut down on your boxes (because you rent those) you can sideload the FiOS app onto Android TV boxes but you need an air mouse to navigate.

They definitely blocked airplay since that could replace a STB. ISP lowers prices, increases speeds, huh what? Say no to frustrating, repetitive searches by storing all your favorites in one easy-to-access location. View entire discussion ( 12 comments) More posts from the Chromecast community. The Fios TV app works with your other smart devices to make life easier than ever. As long as you're within your Wi-Fi network you pretty much get your entire channel lineup that you would on a regular cable box . ©2006-Present FloSports, Inc. All rights reserved. I also have the fios android app but it doesn't look like there is chromecast support in the app, so I have to cast the entire device to the TV which means my phone is out of commission or else I interrupt the stream.

The simple-to-use, easy-to-access menu streamlines your searching process, and you can search and sort by genre, actor, rating, channel, show title, and more. There's no support natively but as long as you have a fairly modern phone you can just cast your screen. The TV Listings tab overviews the Fios TV guide to make planning primetime viewing easy. Not sure if the show you’ve landed on is the one you really want?

If you've already got a Chromecast and FiOS, the best way to find out is to test if for yourself. I tested my old Nexus 4 for streaming only, and I guess the aspect ratio is not 16:9 because it casts black bars to the edges of my TV when the stream is going.. not a deal breaker but annoying.


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