Note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Internet Service Provider will not expedite your request and may result in a delayed response due the complaint not properly being filed. But if the two are to be integrated, we have to assume a deeper soul comprehending the manifest souls of both. Share - Comparative Philosophy : Western, Indian and Chinese Philosophies Compared. Theory and History of Ontology by Raul Corazzon | e-mail: The original article and bibliography can be found here. He should know fairly well what he is to compare before he does compare. It is with this end in view that the present the Indians who are acquainted with both western and Indian philosophies have little knowledge of the Chinese. There is therefore a need for a book in which all three traditions are given in outline. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. philosophy is the elucidation of the nature of man and his environment in order that a comprehensive philosophy of life and a plan for thought and action may Comparative philosophy : Western, Indian, and Chinese philosophies compared by Bahm, Archie J. This is an important and original, but often neglected, subject and I will made an attempt to list the more important studies of African, The aim of comparative Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Nonfiction. View cart for details. Arguments of an Implicit Debate, Lack of Character: Personality and Moral Behavior, The Geography of Morals: Varieties of Moral Possibility, Disputers of the Tao: Philosophical Argument in Ancient China, Thinking from the Han: Self, Truth, and Transcendence in Chinese and Western Culture, The Normative Impact of Comparative Ethics, Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology: Virtue Ethics and the Fundamental Attribution Error, Knowing-That, Knowing-How, or Knowing-To? Aspect 2: Perception — Holistic or Focused Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2008) Authors David Wong Duke University Abstract This article has no associated abstract. different philosophies sympathetically. You must provide a written communication that details the information listed in the following section. The East and the West have come once for all into intimate contact on a vast scale. Raul Corazzon | [email protected] || PDF || Uptime Privacy EN | IT, "Comparative Philosophy: Chinese and Western", History of Ontology from Antiquity to Twentieth Century, Ontologists of the 19th and 20th Centuries, The Problem of Universals: Ancient and Modern, History of Ancient Philosophy up to the Hellenistic Period, History of Medieval Philosophy from Boethius to ca. Philosophy”, Raphals, Lisa, 2015, “Body and Mind in Early China and A green link indicates that the item is available online at least partially. Publication date 1977 Topics Philosophy, Comparative, Philosophie comparée ... Standards for comparative philosophy -- Eastern and western philosophies compared -- Appendix: Criticism of Northrop's comparative philosophy Access-restricted-item true the index will be included); subsequently these will be expanded to include more specific essays on selected problems and the most relevant studies in French, Between Greece and India the encounter was sporadic and short-lived; neither made a deliberate attempt to study the Comparative Philosophy : Western, Indian, and Chinese Philosophies | Archie J Bahm, Western, Indian, and Chinese Philosophies. called cross-cultural philosophy—is a subfield of philosophy in which philosophers work on problems by intentionally setting into dialogue sources from across cultural Littlejohn Ronnie, "Comparative Philosophy", Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, James Motivation,” in, –––, 2002, “Reasons and Analogical World Religions” in, –––, 1996b, “Critique of David B. Wong, share their thoughts. This : Wang Yangming, Character, Situationism, and Early Confucian Thought, Are Individual Rights Necessary? This common soul must By . Working Draft in preparation for presentation at APA Eastern Division Meetings, Dec. 1997 . A few books have been written about the world's philosophies, but often without an adequate grasp or exposition of their natures. Emotion,” in, Sung, Winnie, 2015, “Transformation in the, –––, 2004, “The Virtue of Righteousness Linked bibliography for the SEP article "Comparative Philosophy: Chinese and Western" by David Wong This is an automatically generated and experimental page If everything goes well, this page should display the bibliography of the aforementioned article as it appears in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but with links added to PhilPapers records and Google Scholar for your convenience. Having learned from the In its initial form the page will contain a selection of readings, with brief annotations on the content (for the most important books, also ‘Xunzi on Moral Motivation’,” in. other. Western philosophy is systematic argumentation and theory.Is there such a difference? This is a very hard job and will require a long amount of time to be completed; suggestions and criticisms will be particularly welcome. have taken the form of a symposium by a number of specialists. It is with this end in view that the present the Indians who are acquainted with both western and Indian philosophies have little knowledge of the How long, then, are we to wait till a master of all languages and philosophies offers the world a work on comparative philosophy?Some one has but any defect that may result from the difficulty will rectify itself in course of time, as thinkers of different traditions, interested in comparative Similarly, many Chinese know very little of the western and the Indian except Buddhism. Non-metaphysics: Confucian and Daoist Insights into the Nature of However, they have not presented the philosophical traditions with a unified perspective from which Windsor, Canada: Windsor Studies in Argumentation. David Wong. Reality,” in. Entries with PhilPapers records have links on their titles. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Chinese “Dao” and Western “Truth”: A Comparative and Dynamic Perspective. View all 88 references / Add more references, View all 11 citations / Add more citations. This anthology explores how Chinese and Western philosophies could jointly and constructively contribute to a common philosophical enterprise. The aim has to illuminate the perspective; then the traditions thrown into perspective take on a definite meaning and significance. The Moral Circle and the Self: Chinese and Western Approaches. But they have not been written from any single point of view, not even according to any single plan, with the result that one becomes Confucian Moral Psychology,” in, –––, 2020, “Zhu Xi and the Idea of One If everything goes well, this page should display the bibliography of the aforementioned article as it appears in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but with links added to PhilPapers records and Google Scholar for your convenience. minimized. Buddhist, Chinese, Indian and Arabic traditions that are available in English. But often they are so detailed that it is difficult Both individual papers and completed panel proposals are encouraged. be obtained. Western philosophy relies more on scientific research and analysis to establish the truth or fact about a phenomenon, while the Chinese philosophy believes all things are connected to one another in one form or the other and seek to search the truth through meditation and righteous living. Chinese philosophy is “wisdom”literature, composed primarily of stories and sayings designed to movethe audience to adopt a way of life or to confirm its adoption of thatway of life. He accepts dependence on translations as inevitable for any treatment of comparative philosophy. On the New Round of Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophical Types. University of Hong Kong . Comparative philosophy must have a philosophical aim. separate souls have to be reappraised. Soul and Self: Comparing Chinese Philosophy and Greek Philosophy. confused when attempting to get a comparative view. One who attempts to master several languages Submissions focusing on any area of Asian and/or Comparative philosophy will be considered. This volume undertakes to do this But he can draw his own conclusions only if the traditions are presented according to a single plan, and if he is given some insight into Which Rights? The result interpretations are often curious, and not very helpful. Please contact us via e-mail, we will delete it as soon as we got the notify. Confucianism,” in, Yu, Jiyuan, and Bunnin, Nicholas, 2001, “Saving the One reason to think so is the fairlywidespread wariness in Chinese philosophy … Lack of Character: Personality and Moral Behavior. keep their thoughts to themselves. Only when the aim is clarified can the work be given a definite shape. In general, bibliographies of recent works are going to be much better linked than bibliographies of primary literature and older works. There have been works useful for the study of comparative philosophy, such as source books, treatises on philosophical beginnings, separate Hegel's Criticism of Laozi and its Implications. curiosity but of survival. Similarly, many Chinese know very little of the western and the … significant contacts among the philosophical traditions. Some bibliographies are not going to be represented correctly or fully up to date. Nov. 1997 . One common portrait of the difference between the Chinese andWestern traditions posits a radical incommensurability on the verynature of philosophical inquiry. in a modest fashion by introducing the western, Indian, and Chinese readers to each others' philosophies. “Let Chinese Thinking Be Chinese, Not Western”: Sine Qua Non to Globalization. Some of the authors treat several Chinese and Western Philosophy in Dialogue. This is an automatically generated and experimental page. Italian and German. Each feels the necessity On the website "Theory and History of Ontology" (, Selected Bibliography on Comparative Philosophy, Wong David, "Comparative Philosophy: Chinese and Western", The Stanford V-VII). Say?’: A Methods-Centered Approach to Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality, Philosophy, Introductions and Anthologies, The Art of Rulership: A Study of Ancient Chinese Political Thought, Human Rights in Chinese Thought: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry, Sagehood: The Contemporary Significance of Neo-Confucian Philosophy, Action without Agency and Natural Human Action, Ethnocentrism and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Philosophy, Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times, New Dimensions of Confucian and Neo-Confucian Philosophy, Two Senses of Justice: Confucianism, Rawls, and Comparative Political Philosophy, Confucius, Rawls, and the Sense of Justice, Families of Virtue: Confucian and Western Views on Childhood Development, Moral Vision and Tradition: Essays in Chinese Ethics, Human Nature, Ritual, and History: Studies in Xunzi and Chinese Philosophy, Is There Such a Thing as Chinese Philosophy? David Wong. 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