Europe is too thickly planted with Kingdoms to be long at peace, and whenever a war breaks out between England and any foreign power, the trade of America goes to ruin, because of her connection with Britain. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Application designed and developed by Walter Davis Studio. In short, monarchy and succession have laid (not this or that kingdom only) but the world in blood and ashes. Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society. O! Distance between the two hints at the lack of God’s intention to have colonies be subordinate to England 3. The charge of building a ship of each rate, and furnishing her with masts, yards, sails, and rigging, together with a proportion of eight months boatswain’s and carpenter’s sea-stores, as calculated by Mr. Burchett, Secretary to the navy. Published in 1776 it was written in Old English and it could very well be another language for someone trying to read it today. Holland and Switzerland are without wars, foreign or domestic: Monarchical governments, it is true, are never long at rest: the crown itself is a temptation to enterprising ruffians at home; and that degree of pride and insolence ever attendant on regal authority, swells into a rupture with foreign powers in instances where a republican government, by being formed on more natural principles, would negociate the mistake. For experts – You’ll get the higher-level knowledge/instructions you need as an expert. "Render unto Cesar the things which are Cesar's" is the scripture doctrine of courts, yet it is no support of monarchical government, for the Jews at that time were without a king, and in a state of vassalage to the Romans. Such a request, had it been complied with a year ago, would have won the heart and soul of the Continent, but now it is too late. Near three thousand years passed away, from the Mosaic account of the creation, till the Jews under a national delusion requested a king. The first king of England, of the present line (William the Conqueror) was a Frenchman, and half the peers of England are descendants from the same country; wherefore, by the same method of reasoning, England ought to be governed by France. Our small arms equal to any in the world. Wherefore, laying aside all national pride and prejudice in favour of modes and forms, the plain truth is that it is wholly owing to the constitution of the people, and not to the constitution of the government that the crown is not as oppressive in England as in Turkey. from 1422 to 1489. ‘Tis the best money we can lay out. The laying a country desolate with fire and sword, declaring war against the natural rights of all mankind, and extirpating the defenders thereof from the face of the earth, is the concern of every man to whom nature hath given the power of feeling; of which class, regardless of party censure, is. Compliments as well as censure to individuals make no part thereof. It leaves us at no loss: And every line convinces, even in the moment of reading, that he who hunts the woods for prey, the naked and untutored Indian, is less Savage than the King of Britain. And however our eyes may be dazzled with show, or our ears deceived by sound; however prejudice may warp our wills, or interest darken our understanding, the simple voice of nature and reason will say, ‘tis right. The East and West Indies, Mediterranean, Africa, and other parts, over which Britain extends her claim, make large demands upon her navy. Saul was by lot, yet the succession was not hereditary, neither does it appear from that transaction that there was any intention it ever should. All plans, proposals, &c. prior to the nineteenth of April, i.e. neither can ye reconcile Britain and America. In Philadelphia in early 1776, Thomas Paine (1737-1809) anonymously published a booklet called Common Sense.His impassioned plea for American independence and his anti-government tirade directed at King George III sold 100,000 copies within three months. Securing freedom and property to all men, and above all things, the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience; with such other matter as it is necessary for a charter to contain. Besides, the general temper of the Colonies, towards a British government will be like that of a youth who is nearly out of his time; they will care very little about her: And a government which cannot preserve the peace is no government at all, and in that case we pay our money for nothing; and pray what is it that Britain can do, whose power will be wholly on paper, should a civil tumult break out the very day after reconciliation? that had this rupture happened forty or fifty years hence, instead of now, the continent would have been more able to have shaken off the dependance. About one hundred and thirty years after this, they fell again into the same error. To which I reply, that our military ability, at this time, arises from the experience gained in the last war, and which in forty or fifty years time, would be totally extinct. It is by the sale of those lands that the debt may be sunk, without burthen to any, and the quit-rent reserved thereon will always lessen, and in time will wholly support, the yearly expense of government. Fourthly—Were a manifesto to be published, and despatched to foreign Courts, setting forth the miseries we have endured, and the peaceful methods which we have ineffectually used for redress; declaring at the same time, that not being able any longer to live happily or safely under the cruel disposition of the British Court, we had been driven to the necessity of breaking off all connections with her; at the same time, assuring all such Courts of our peaceable disposition towards them, and of our desire of entering into trade with them: such a memorial would produce more good effects to this Continent, than if a ship were freighted with petitions to Britain. where our property? The object, on either side, doth not justify the means; for the lives of men are too valuable to be cast away on such trifles. Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. The Almighty hath implanted in us these unextinguishable feelings for good and wise purposes. But the Tumult soon subsides. O! And as no offer hath yet been made to refute the doctrine contained in the former editions of this pamphlet, it is a negative proof, that either the doctrine cannot be refuted, or, that the party in favor of it are too numerous to be opposed. Many circumstances have, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected, and in the event of which their affections are interested. According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other Gods: so do they also unto thee. Brutality and tyranny appear on the face of it.


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