I love the fish here, my go to is the Cod. And oh so conveniently located off the back of the hustle and bustle of Regent Street. Where again you’re transported to a different world and time. Have you been to Bob Bob Ricard? My name is Lara, I'm a millennial, and this right here is my blog. Here’s what you need to know before you go. It’s not cheap, certainly a special occasion restaurant for us and what a very special occasion it was. You’d get big thumbs up from anyone you took here. We also ordered a side of Creamy Mash (£4.95) to share which was perfect for both our dishes and just rounded out the main course nicely. This is why you came here. This place certainly has it all. He’s not usually a shellfish fan but as i was only offered a tiny forkful and there was nothing left on the plate i think it’s safe to say he might have been won over! ( Log Out /  Learn how your comment data is processed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The menu at Bob Bob Ricard is English and Russian which makes for some interesting dishes that excited the foodie in me right away. You are transported to a cross between The grand Budapest Hotel and The Shining (in a good way). Thats what I do. I’d been seeing that infamous ‘Press For Champagne’ button in my instagram feed for months before i finally gave into my curiosity and googled where on earth it was! Press for champagne in Bob bob Ricard. We were seated in The Club Room downstairs (you’ll need to contact them before your visit to ensure a booth here) which felt like a secret members club and really added to our experience. Depending on budget, go for it. The food here is superb, a splendid English/Russian menu. You can spend hours at this stunning place. Service is amazing, people watching is excellent. Joe went for the Crab Salad with Chili Avocado Mayonnaise (£12.50) which was so fresh tasting, the perfect light and summery starter. Our waiter was so efficient he arrived to take our order before I even had a chance to press ‘the button’, but he very kindly turned away so i could do the honours and get the full Bob Bob experience! Freelance writer and blogger obsessed with food, travel and good stories. But I love to say it, “I’m going to Bob Bob Ricard tonight.” Where? And oh so conveniently located off the back of the hustle and bustle of Regent Street. Which needs to be pressed by all guests that attend. ( Log Out /  Perfect generous portion with some truffle mash on the side. I don’t tend to order fish a lot these days but i just fancied this dish when i spotted it and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It’s a delight. Although it has plenty of lobster, it’s dry and needs more flavour, more punch, some garlic maybe, and a crispier top. Tweet me @xameliax or leave a comment below #BBR, So pleased you LOVED it! But, funnily enough, most people (/women) appeared to have the same brilliant idea, which meant that tables were only ever available at most inconvenient dining times, despite trying to book months in advance. An oldie but a goodie. Sign up with your email to receive new post alerts straight to your inbox. On the wine front Joe chose a glass of Argentinian Malbec (£9.50) which complimented his dish wonderfully without drowning out some of the more the delicate flavours, while I got to work on our button again and ordered another glass of Ayala Brut! If you grew up a goody goody, ceaselessly heeding the cry to “do as you’re told”, Bob Bob Ricard is your reward. And remember to book in advance for this beauty. Pressing Bob Bob Ricard’s much-imitated ‘Press for Champagne’ button might summon forth Dom Perignon, 2008 at £24/glass or £138/bottle, or Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut NV £15.50/£89. The presentation is excellent and the meal, very enjoyable. Instead we started with two glasses of Ayla Brut (£13.50 per glass) and went from there, which also gave me the chance to push our button a couple more times throughout the evening! As well as champagne, they do vodka shots at -18 degrees that certainly gets things started. It’s simply gorgeous. (Which matches the menu). I’m slightly disappointed with my Mac & Cheese. We order another round of vodka shots and start to wish it wasn’t a Monday…. Bob Bob Ricard, the iconic Soho restaurant, serves a luxury British & Russian menu to an eclectic clientele in London’s most glamorous all-booth dining room. On a quiet corner, handsomely decorated with beautiful stained glass windows. This is what all the fuss is about. (Obviously) They then bring you the extensive Champagne menu for you to chose from. The boys get some truffle fries and mash on the side. Art Deco at its finest. You guessed it, Bob Bob Ricard. In the end i chose the Chocolate Fondant (£8.50) served with Milk Ice Cream, Chocolate and Almond Brandy Snap and Creme Anglaise. The food here is pretty good, but will always be secondary to that little button staring back at you that says, Press for Champagne. It’s stunning. Bob Bob Ricard is a British-Russian restaurant in London – a fabulously indulgent explosion of brilliant food, stellar design and that famous “Press for Champagne” button. This is why you came here. As soon as you step inside this gorgeous building, make sure you check out the bar downstairs first. ( Log Out /  Complete with a Vodka shot menu and Caviar section. I was torn between a number of dishes on the menu for my main which is always a good sign, but in the end i went for Baked Sole with Champagne Sauce (£27.50) stuffed with Lobster on a bed of Spinach. Of course. It’s the best interior design at any restaurant bar in central London. Particularly on London’s rather fickle dining scene. Gooey ooozy chocolate fondant with a deliciously simple milk ice cream and that mint creme anglais? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For mains, George and Dad share a Beef Wellington, their signature dish, Alex takes a Chicken Kiev and I opt for the Lobster Mac & Cheese. You guessed it, Bob Bob Ricard … Once you’ve spent some time at the bar, you step back upstairs to the restaurant. Fois Gras is always a controversial one so you are more than welcome to ask for your plate without it however it really made the dish for me and went with the beef so well. We loved everything about Bob Bob Ricard from the moment we walked in – the decor, the service, the food – and it’s very clear to see why it’s such a popular destination for foodies looking for an evening of luxury dining, ingenious buttons and all. I’m a big goat’s cheese fan and often order it on salad when i’m out but this dish really does put any others i’ve had to shame – the perfect starter for me. You can’t beat the Rhubarb cocktail. Bob Bob Ricard is a plush restaurant in Soho serving English and Russian classics. Equipped with a ‘Press for Champagne’ button at every table, it is famous for pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in the United Kingdom. Required fields are marked *. Welcome! An oldie but a goodie. The name, Bob Bob said twice, sounds a bit ridiculous, a bit obnoxious. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.


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