Other areas include: The larvae are easily transported in the ballast of ships and have been found in the western and eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean ports. Juveniles and adults are exposed to a salinity range of 0 to 35 ppt. People often called it Chesapeake blue crab or Atlantic blue crab. Crabs also have six walking legs and two claws. There’s even more information on the reproductive cycle of the blue crab on our mating & reproductive page. They are also vulnerable to numerous diseases, bacteria and viruses.

In United States, blue crab is a significant commodity for it contributes to the local economy.

More than 20,000 species have been found. Blue crab is an omnivorous animal. The abdomen (called apron) of male crabs are shaped like a “T”. In courtship some species attract the females attention by banging their cheliped on the ground or vibrating their walking legs. Blue crabs have been introduced to various international waters such as in Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic See, European Water and Japanese water. Researchers have noticed that some females, if released before their new shells had hardened, may mate a second time. Blue crabs are found in brackish coastal lagoons and estuaries from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico, and as far south as Uruguay.

It has been found that all at some time had two pairs of antennae in their development. Find facts about clownfish here. The sharks, striped bass, eels, drum, whiptail stingrays, conose rays, and trout are considered as some of the natural predators of blue crabs.

The optimum salinity and temperature ranges for larval development and survival, as indicated by laboratory experiments, correspond closely with ranges for these factors in the lower estuary and marine waters.

When blue crabs molt, their shell is soft, which makes them vulnerable to other predators. Visible on the underside of a crab are the mouthparts and the abdomen. Ice flows in the arctic also provide a home for different species of arthropods. Find facts about clownfish here. Inside the crab are the soft parts. Literally, the word callinectes means “beautiful swimmer” while sapidus means “savory”. There are two prominent triangular teeth with nine anterior lateral teeth, the hindmost tooth being the longest and directed outward. Crabs also have a stomach and a heart that pumps a liquid through the body to supply the tissues with oxygen. You can also see two eyestalks protruding from the front part of the shell. They are present all the way from Cape Cod to Argentina as well as the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. They live from Nova Scotia to Uruguay and from the Baltic Sea to France. It also prefers to scavenge carrion from the ocean floor. These bristles signal contact with a hard surface simply by bending, while other shorter hairs are sensitive to water currents. If you’ve ever been pinched by these crustaceans, you would know what they use them for. According to the researchers at SERC, the male crab may be doing this to protect his “investment” by making sure that the female doesn’t mate again. Each species has its own unique sound that can attract a female or intimidate a competing male. The eyes which protrude from the front of the carapace are on the ends of short stalks. Many people have seen the skipjacks plying the Bay’s waters. Crab mouthparts have further receptors which are sensitive to particular chemicals. Click on the image to see the crab move one of the sets of antennae. The shape of the abdomen enables you to differentiate the male and female blue crabs. Facts about Blue Crabs 10: parasites and diseases.

Several new and as yet unnamed species have been found near volcanic vents on the ocean floor. They like to eat plants, small fish, annelids, and thin shelled bivalves. Just how long the blue crab or any crab, such as the fossilized horseshoe crab pictured here, has been around is open to conjecture. Crabs, like all crustaceans, have gills to take up oxygen in the water. During the Triassic period, the clade Dinosauria appeared for the first, Get the interesting information about an animal included in the group Gruiformes on facts about cranes. One way to learn more about blue crabs is to take a closer look at their anatomy. Let me show you Facts about Blue Crabs in the following post below. The scientific name of the Blue crab (callinectes sapidus) is a mix of Greek and Latin words. Blue crab has four frontal teeth and its carapace is brown-colored. When similar detectors on the legs contact food the cheliped quickly grasps the object and passes it into the mouth. Constant overharvesting has caused wide-ranging negative effects on the ecosystems they inhabit. Blues are also one of the most popular sources of food for many coastal communities. The width of its carapace is 23 centimeters and it weighs up to 2 pounds.

Blue crab is an omnivorous animal. Immature females have triangular shaped abdomens with fused segments; however, at the terminal or pubertal molt, the final ecdysis and onset of sexual maturity, the mature female abdomen becomes broad and rounded. The bristles occur all over the body but are most frequently found in clumps on the walking legs. These ‘smokers’ provide a source of warm water in the depths where sea life flourishes. Facts about Blue Crabs 9: the omnivorous animal. how to tell the difference between male and female blue crabs. Some people spot the presence of blue crabs in Cape Cod of Gulf of Maine.

Using their swimming legs or walking legs, crabs can move pretty quickly to catch prey or to escape from predators. Crustaceans are the most prevalent of the Arthropods. The scientific name of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, is actually a more accurate description for both males and females.

Blue crabs are opportunistic feeders, and they are important in managing the populations of … Blue crabs don’t usually eat oysters because the shell of the oyster is too hard to open. Other Names: Atlantic Blue crab, Chesapeake Blue crab, Cookie Cutter Shark Facts for Kids – Cookie Cutter Shark Interesting Facts, Greenland Shark Facts for Kids – Greenland Shark Interesting Facts & Information, Megalodon Shark Facts for Kids – Megalodon Shark Facts and Information, Tasmanian Devil Facts for Kids – Fun Facts & Information, Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts for Kids – Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts, Harpy Eagle Facts for Kids – Harpy Eagle Fun Facts. They were found in the Black Sea in 1967 and in Japan in 1974. These few remaining members of a once proud fleet of almost 100 in the early 1950’s, are harvesting oysters. They do like to crawl around an oyster reef and look for other fish and invertebrates.


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