Delfin provide 8 person skiffs & modern Kayaks so you can explore the Pacaya Samiria National Park in detail to experience the sounds and views of this giant flooded tropical forest. During this time you can see many different animals feeding on the seasonal buffet.

2. Precise information should be sort for specific dates by contacting the lodge or cruise due to various factors that may affect the information presented.

There is a slight difference between the wetter and drier months, but this is only by one or two degrees with the wetter season being slightly hotter. Manu or Tambopata You will explore many Amazon tributaries, both on forest walks and small-boat trips, and have a chance to visit deep forest settlers.
When it rains, it generally starts in the afternoons and clears by morning, but can last a few days in the wetter months. The truth is that the Peruvian Amazon is a fascinating, rare, and beautiful location on our planet, and whichever part of the Amazon you decide to visit as part of a holiday or tour you will undoubtedly have opportunities to spot incredible wildlife, listen to the fascinating sounds of the jungle by night, sleep in a jungle lodge, and have unique and wonderful experiences. The Best Time to Visit the Amazon in Peru.

Remember to prepare for wetter and hotter rainforest weather in addition to comparatively cold nights. The best time to see animals in Peru's Amazon depends on what animals you want to see.

After relaxing with Peru’s famous cocktail, you will board the Delfin I to enjoy your own vast suite complete with personal pool, massages & sophisticated cuisine by candle-light. The problem, however, is that, unlike Peru’s other major travel destinations, the Amazon is remote, inaccessible and vast, meaning that many people are unsure of the best way to plan a trip to the jungle. The low water season (May/June to October/November) is generally better for hiking into the forest, although, if you’re visiting a higher elevation area there will be no impact. Private Guide, Canopy Zipline, Dart Frog Conservation, Amazon Research Center, & 1000 Acre Amazon Monkey Trail Grid.

The Amazon's low-water season (relatively low-water) runs from July through December, which overlaps with the dry season in the rest of South America.

A number of national parks and preserves, such as Manu National Park, fall within the Peruvian rainforest. Rainfall doesn’t change much between months, but there is a detectable wetter season from around October/November – May/June (receiving around 300 mm of rain each month) with April being the wettest month. Even so, tourists seem to have a clear choice of seasons when it comes to visiting the rainforest. As we are in the tropics (between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer) there are no distinguishable seasons characteristic of temperate regions. Iquitos is famed as being the largest city in the world unreachable by road. Cusco is also the base city for trips to the magnificent Manu National Park and Peruvian cloud forest. Temperature in Puerto Maldonado is around 30 – 33°C (86 – 91°F) during the day and 19 – 22°C (66 – 72°F) at night with only slight monthly change except for the cold fronts. One of the Amazon’s most remote lodges, you will share the lodge with researchers investigating one of the largest macaw clay-licks in the rainforest. During the rainy season, on the other hand, it rains heavily and almost daily, making the soil slippery and difficult to navigate. Fruiting happens over the wet season (November/December – March/April) drawing an abundance of rainforest wildlife. It's certainly worth a visit – but important to pick the right time of year for your trip.

On forest walks you can see Cloud Forest animals like spectacled bears, colorful birds and monkeys. Visiting the festival will get you familiar with ‘juanes’ a local dish made with rice and egg enclosed in leaves. She specializes in health, wellness and travel topics and has credits in various publications including Woman's Day, Marie Claire, Adirondack Life and Self. Best time to Visit the Amazon You can really visit the Amazon any time of year. Daytime temperature reaches about 30 – 32°C (86 – 90°F) during the day and 20 – 22°C (68 – 72°F) at night. Keep in mind that, even though the number of mosquitoes fluctuates throughout the year, it's important to bring insect repellent into the Amazon. It should be noted that if you are heading to Manu National Park lowlands, temperature here is the more tropical 30 – 35°C (86 – 95°F) by day. The wettest month are January and February. You will visit terra firme and varzea forests to see colourful birds, monkeys, and magnificent rainforest trees. The dry season is from March/April to October/November (receiving around 60mm of rain each month). Perfect for Families, Childrens' Amazon Trail, Canopy Tower, Parrot Clay Lick, Massages, Lake Tours. The wettest time to visit the Andes and the Amazon, with the …
A drier season occurs from May/June – October/November (receiving around 200 mm of rain each month) with September being the driest month. And though it rains less, it still rains regularly, but you will encounter fewer mosquitoes and more fish and birds. Wet weather should be expected when deciding what to wear in the Amazon Rainforest. On the other hand, while the dry season might improve hiking conditions, the rivers shrink to the point of becoming non-navigable in some places. As we are at high altitude, temperature in Cusco approaches around 19 to 21°C (66 – 70°F) during the day and 0 – 7°C (32 – 45°F) at night. You can easily access Puerto Maldonado from Cusco. What Are the Dangers of the Amazon Rainforest? In the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve, the months with the most fruit are between January and April. In the rainy season, humidity is often 100 percent. You can see traces of the rubber boom in city architecture like the Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theatre).

Humidity is high all year-long, with the lowest percentages, around 80 percent humidity, in the dry season. If you’re with a family, a good lodge is the Refugio Amazonas Lodge (home to the only children’s trail in the Amazon). One of the most important things to note when choosing the best time for your Amazon River cruise is that all these areas are located in the tropics, near the equator, which means the climate is hot, there are no seasons (aside from a high and low water season), and … Guests stand a 10% chance of seeing wild jaguar prowling the reserved zone and the lodge is uniquely positioned for access to the tapir lick and macaw lick, allowing guests to see iconic animals of the Amazon Rainforest. You are only 10 minutes by boat from a large macaw clay lick and you will have access to two very different ecosystems. As with most tropical areas, mid morning convection often means storm clouds form in the afternoons dropping rain from the afternoon until sunrise. There are a number of tour lodges near Puerto Maldonado where you can experience the incredibly diverse Tambopata Reserve and visit the many clay licks. Manaus or Iquitos What Are the Dangers of the Amazon Rainforest? Wildlife viewing is said to be better during low water. We will tour Lake Condenado and climb the Canopy Tower to view animals of the vast Tambopata National Reserve, and after a rainforest walk, you can relax in the wellness center with aromatherapy treatments or a massage.

In June, Manaus celebrates the Festival Floclorico do Amazonas (Amazonas Folklore Festival). Remember that you can visit the rainforest from nine different countries, and some may offer lighter crowds and lower costs. Perfect for First Amazon Experience, 45 mins from Puerto Maldonado, Canopy Tower, Parrot Clay Lick, Massages, Lake Tours. The high water months in Manaus are from February/March until July/August and this is a fantastic time to canoe into otherwise inaccessible rainforest areas. However, if prepared for some rainforest, you can enjoy the top Iquitos Amazon River tours throughout the year as there are positives and negatives no matter when you visit.

The clay licks are most active in the wet season when there is abundant food and least active between April/May and early July. The dry season, which lasts from June to October, is the best time to visit if you want to trek or spend long days exploring because rain is less frequent.

The best time to visit the Amazon near Iquitos depends largely on your interest. Top Rated Private Guided Jungle Tours or Comfortable & Luxurious Amazon Cruises …, Top Rated Amazon Rainforest Tours From Puerto Maldonado. The low water season in Iquitos is from May/June to October/November and high water is from October/November – May/June.


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