If you just worked your normal hours, therefore, it is unlikely that you are due any overtime.

When I try the numbers £17,610, 22.75 hours per week from 38.75 full-time hours in the calculator, I get £10,338 too – so the calculator matches your employer’s calculations. If you are uncertain, check with your employer’s finance or HR department – they will be able to explain things to you.

It is normal, with a salaried position, to find that some months you work a bit more than the average and some months you work a bit less, because the number of working days can be different each month. For example, if you are working 20 hours a week instead of 37.5: According to HMRC, tax, NI etc are all worked out the same whether you worked 37.5 hours to earn the money, or just 20 (or 1!). Would this affect my HB and goes into pro rata? Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for illustrative purposes only. Hi Maria,

I’ve applied for a role that is workrd out per annum pro rata. First thing is to note is that a month is not exactly 4 weeks. Use the part-time wage calculator to work out your salary or take-home once National Insurance and Income tax deductions have been made: Enter the full-time annual salary, before any taxes and deductions have been taken out. For example, if your annual salary pro rata is £30,000 in a 40-hour week, but you actually only worked 25 hours a week, your part time salary would be £18,750. Help - find relevant tax tools and calculators - go back to top. Remember, we do our best to make sure our systems are up to date and error free. I have dropped from £24230 to £17759.which is almost what I was earning when I started in 2011.I find this disheartening and am contesting this figure.

This will give you the amount you’ll earn in a 3-shift week. As a part time worker my Housing Benefit is paid in full to cover my rent. I got a monthly pay slip this week based on 4 weeks, and my gross pay was £1181.25 because I had to drop one day, so for that week I was paid £236.25. The short answer to your question is yes :). The HR or payroll department should be able to explain how the bonuses are worked out. I don’t have any experience with this specific situation, but this is how I imagine it will work out. Of course, if you are right, your employer might start paying you less (or asking you to work more)! Was that 20% BR tax? Pro-rata calculations. Method 1: Annual260Days. read our disclaimer and terms and conditions of use. Enter this new salary into the. It’s possible that the agency will pay you same each week, an average of the two amounts – to see this, enter 43.75 (the average number of hours you’ll work) in the hourly wage calculator. So, in your example, you could enter 52 into the full-time hours box and 37 in the pro-rata hours box, and it will calculate the salary pro-rata for you.

In which case, your employer probably works out entitlement pro-rata, i.e. This calculator is intended only as a guide and uses normal UK tax and NI information to calculate the net salary of an employed person.

Get a multi-currency account and get paid with your own bank details. Sorry I can’t help further! For more details of these cookies and how to disable them, see our cookie policy. I have been paid like this for 9 years now. (Would have been easier to just not deduct 3 hours, but heyho!) Secondly, it seems to me that you have been charged too much tax. Thanks again. john. hi, while you are developing a tool for reduced hours working, please could you consider developing something for reduced weeks working. If you work part-time you are likely to be being paid a pro-rata salary. As you’ve described it it does sound a bit odd that the two changes don’t cancel each other out. Thanks so much for your response ! They deducted £314.06, £77.66 for NI and £236.40. There are no annual fees, and currency conversion uses the mid-market rate with no markup - just a low fee per transaction. We do not accept liability for any errors or omissions, please read our disclaimer and terms and conditions of use. Registered in England and Wales no.


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