On windows, it's look like the serv version is stuck to Server: 305.13 ? What i have read from other peoples comments on them i don't even know if i want to. There are a bunch of better ways to go about it than what they did. Or do I have to get the map that I download from my pc and play for the host? Also, if you don't want "boring metal boxes" blocking missions, why don't you make them like you make boss fights? just wondering. Made oceanic outpost using raft. Completely disagree. It's easy! They can be used to help determine strategic places to set up a base, avoid blocking resource spawns, or just finding a nearby farming spot. It is Genesis    but for me  the problem is that it aint showing on the cluster.. i see all the other 7 maps but not genesis   anyone got that issue ? So far i have checked out the bog, snow, and ocean biomes and the only place i would even think of building is on the back of a Megachelon and i doubt i'll find much of anything in the volcanic or lunar biomes where i would want to build. My current version is 306.48. Base building is a big part of this game after all yet Genesis clearly wasn't designed with that in mind but instead made to fit only a portion of the playerbase of the game, mostly people who prefer to play PvP but i'm tired of constantly running into people who can't PvP without using glitches, and then calling you trash, in pretty much any game, not just ARK, so i don't play PvP anymore unless it's with friends who i know will play legit. I've only been in the bog so far except for a quick spawn and peek around the other biomes and I absolutely love it EXCEPT for the insect swarms, those are broken as hell. The map itself is too restrictive compared to other maps. Not as many people have been excited about the surprises. €35 is a lot of cash for this. Then respawn on other side of map and can never make it to body because again dead before I can even move. Agree.. IMHO Genesis is not as hard as ppl complain. Is it GTA simulation with manta instead of car, or maybe airplane flying simulation with blood sucker or is economy simulation with hexagons? People are too spoiled with maps such as Ragnarok, where map poops with resources of all kind and you don't need to worry about anything. Not being able to ride a dino between the biomes like previous maps is a fail. Powered by Invision Community. Copyright 2020 Studio Wildcard. Those separate biomes make senses, it ain't that small when you have to walk and not fly. He was asking there was no need to be rude. I DO like the map for the most part, but there are so many negatives to it that it makes it REALLY hard to enjoy myself at times. Can we now expect better service since you ask for inflated prices Wildcard. Let me tell you, ppl on Ragnarök, yall are lazy guys, it is a custom map, it ain't in the story line, you are on Ragna because you like easy life in Ark, your bad. The Multiple servers you can create and then also create the Clusters are also nice. For PvE this map is lacking, a lot. Do you read sometimes when you buy something on the Internet? People complain about lack of build space whilst not fully understanding what Genesis is. It's easy! You kill one swarm and 3 will take its place in seconds. They can be used to help determine strategic places to set up a base, avoid blocking resource spawns, or just finding a nearby farming spot. Teleport you to a zone to do the mission. Im looking for the same answer, i suppose it will be the same and that we will only know the name when the dlc comes out. I love playing modded maps! We really love it! Like with  valguero we needed to type “valguero_P” into asm to make it work and was wondering if Genesis will be the same. According to the Beta Servers its just Genesis, just like Extinction? Let's review the steps required to set things up. Does anyone knows the map name to load it? I Think we are Ark gamers and therefore can Deal with difficulty. You'd need a library for that much information, not a thread in a forum. I have never dabbled with that one so I cannot speak to much on the setup of it. The small build areas is likely due to the fact this DLC is meant to be considered as a simulation, each biome is a simulation. If it's meant to be something you don't live at, why make it a map? I have mine Hosted with Gameservers.com I am assuming its Linux based but i do not have access to the machine itself to verify. Get out of my mind mate, you are reading my thoughts! It wouldn't be ARK without the raptor. But when you use the second method you have to learn the admin commands to shutdown the servers then. Trying to use HLN-A can be a nightmare as it tends to just zip away most of the time you attempt to interact wih it. For the second part, U alr paid for it when u bought genesis season pass. Why not just expand extinction and have it be like a portal you go through or something. The insect swarm is easily handled, they dint attack if your standing in water and will move off after a few seconds. Like with valguero we needed to type “valguero_P” into asm to make it work and was wondering if Genesis will be the same. If so, how? To get mine to switch to the Genesis map I just changed my previous map name(Valguero_P) to Genesis, saved my config and rebooted. Where do I find to modify the command line? Bosses are one type of many creatures to be found in ARK: Survival Evolved. If it's so small for you then download the devkit and make your own map.


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