Welcome to Al Meezab Haj & Umrah Services
We are very proud to say that our Al Meezab Haj & Umrah Services has been recognized by Thousands of Hajis who performs Haj & Umrah with us, as an outstanding performance done by almeezab through taking Hajis to the home of allah, the holy place Makkah every month! By getting a license to take haiji’s to take makkah for Haj. Al Meezab has been performed / taken Hajjis to makkah in nine groups within very short period of just four months and still its continues … even though the groups are small and we never ignored a single guest of Allah to take to the holy place of makkah saying no seat or no date no time. . . Masha Allah.

We are very proud and thankful to each Haji who performed haj & Umrah with us. Insha Allah

The Best Services
::  Choice hotels with best views
::  We commit, we accomplish
::  Delicious hygienic food
::  Personal guidance & attention
::  Unlimited free laundry service
::  Luxurious transfers in Umrah
::  Tailor-made packages

News Update
Al Meezab Haj & Umrah Services is being established by Late   Al- Haj K.SHAWALI AHAMED, a dedicative, passionate, pleasant personality, with an aim to serve the guests of allah by taking them to the Holiest City of Islam – Makkah Shariff, - “May ALLAH be merciful to him” , With the Blessings and Mercies of Him we are energized to take more and more Hajis, as much as possible with best affordable, cheap & best possible way.

By making all of our muslim brothers and sisters visit and pray at the unbeatable the most merciful, the one and only God, Allah!!